Daisy Flower Garden Journey: Garden Party!!!

Wow! We've finally made it to the end of our Daisy Flower Garden Journey! We've had so much fun along the way and be sure to check out our previous sessions here: 

Session One

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Session Five and Take Action Project 

Garden Party

Here are some of the highlights from this journey!

  • Planted our seedlings in our individual terra cotta pots!
  • Learned all about our plant helpers while crafting bee pins, painting our river rocks to create ladybugs, tissue butterflies!
  • Created a worm composting bin!

What I would like to add the next time around..

  • Visit a community garden or plant nursery

  • Plant a community garden

  • Grow ladybugs or butterflies

And now for the GARDEN Party and our year end Court of Awards ceremony!

I made these cute little "cups of dirt" with gummy works to keep with the gardening theme. I took dollar store silk flowers and hot glued them onto the green spoons to make them look like floral stems! The cups of dirt are chocolate pudding and crumbled Oreo cookies. 

Court of Awards Ceremony!

This was the first time we had a Court of Awards. In the past the badges were presented to the girls at the end of the meeting but I had saved the last couple badges for this event. I knew I wanted to keep it simple and quick and make sure the girls had some time to partay and play!

The ceremony was held outside in my backyard. It was a beautiful day, despite the wind. Luckily, I have a large 2 tiered deck that was perfect for a ceremony stage! I knew THAT deck would come in handy when we bought the house less than 2 years ago.

Both the co-leader and I got up and said a few things about the year and the girls. I explained the Journey that they had been working on and what each part of the award meant and how the girls demonstrated this. Then we called each girl up and pinned her with the daisy corsage and handed her a certificate for completing the year.

Daisy Corsage

These were pretty easy to make and the girls really adorned them! If you're doing an awards ceremony it's super fun to dress up the package a bit to make the event all the more special.


  • glue gun
  • silk daisy flowers
  • assorted matching ribbons (preferable in the colors of the age level)
  • puffy or fabric paint
  • bar pins 

I used dollar store white daisies. I made sure to clip with garden cutters the back of the flower to make sure it was as flat as possible.  You can hot glue your ribbon and to the back of the flower and then a bar pin to the back of the daisy. Staple the badges to the ribbons. White puffy paint was used for the girls name. This ceremony was also to reward girls for their fantastic Cookie Sales (which you can see there are a few goal achiever patches).

Presenting the Daisy Flower Garden Awards!

Originally, the Daisy Flower Garden award was presented in each girl's flower pot that they had planted in the very first session. It was a super windy day and the pots kept blowing over so we had to stick these in the large planters I had on my deck.

After the ceremony the girls showed off their decorations (they each got to decorate one of the flower friends and we strung them up with some string) and enjoyed the cups of dirt. We played some music and the girls had a fun time playing in our new playhouse! With it being our first Court of Awards and me being 9 months pregnant, it was kept relatively simple but the girls really enjoyed it and had tons of fun and got to finally take home their plants!

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