Ryleigh's Pink Dino Party!

I have a very sweet, spirited and steadfast (now) 4 year old little girl. She is spunky and has an endless supply of energy! 

And... She loves Dinosaurs!!! PINK DINOSAURS

I was in love with the idea and couldn't deny her of that.  If you can't tell, I love throwing kids parties! I enjoy the planning process but I do it because it makes my kiddies feel extra special.

Erupting Volcano Cake!

I hemmed and hawed over unique ideas for a cake. Ryleigh loves a good show so I wanted it to be interactive in some way.

This volcano cake was so much fan and easy to make. I used a princess skirt cake pan and cut out the top to fit the shot glass. (Why a shot glass you ask? Read on for the finale and blowing out the candles!) 

You can level out the bottom of the cake so it sits evenly. I used a good box cake mix and already made frosting. The "lava" flowing is melted colored chocolates.

Amber Fossils!

The catalyst that sparked her love and fascination for dinosaurs were the old Jurassic movies followed by the most recent Jurassic World! It seems wrong, looking back at it now while I write this, that I let a three year old watch those movies but she LOVES them!

Naturally, we had to make the amber fossil suckers!

Word of advise: Don't skip out on the orange oil flavoring. Kids will cringe and mine DID...lol 

Pink Dinosaurs!

I found toy dinosaurs from Target, Dollar store and on Amazon. Amazon has 12 small assorted dinos for cheap! They make great party favors! I spray painted them in light pink and gold colors.

Party supplies!

I got the pink plates from Target and the wooden utensils were left over from a bulk purchase from the last party. The birch utensils are super cute and can be purchased on Amazon!

Dino Feet!

Dino Party Printable

I created some instant printables just for you! Please click on the link to get your own invitations, adoption certificate, and dino prints. click ---> Here <----

Finale and action time!

We used dry ice pellets for the volcano "erupting" when it came time to blow out the candles! It's pretty cool effect when you mix a couple drops of water with the dry ice. It starts to overflow with fog! Don't worry, fog is no mess. All the kids were super excited for it!

Gosh, this was so much fun! Ry was so excited for the cake and the whole party was so special for her! Do you have a little one who is obsessed with this ancient creatures? The obsession is for real!

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Posted on December 21, 2015 and filed under Celebrate.