Girl Scout Promise Christmas Ornament

Hello Troop Leaders!!

The holidays can feel overwhelming and we don't always have the time to plan out our Girl Scout meetings. This year I was trying to brain storm ideas for our daisy troop. I tried to come up with something fun for them to do before the holidays and I always love a good keepsake that they can take home and cherish for years to come. 

We have been focusing on the different parts of the Girl Scout Law so I thought it would be fitting and a fun way reinforce what they have learned!!!


  • clear glass ornaments
  • assorted filling in all 10 GS Law colors. You can use tissue shreds, bead, ect.
  • white paint marker ( I used white but silver or gold would be cute)
  • tweezers or pencil
  • Blue ribbon (Color of GS promise center)

I had small bowls set out for each color and I also had a saying of what each color represents as a reminder.

I prepared each ornament ahead time by using the paint marker and writing the troop numerals and date on one side and the girls name on the opposite side.

I told the girls they can use all 10 colors or pick the parts of law that were their favorite. I instructed them to review what each color meant before they decided what they wanted to put in their ornament.

Stuff the ornament using tweezers or the back of a pencil. The openings are farely small. Don't have the girls use their fingers. They might get their finger stuck or cut by the ornament.

String the ribbon through the hoop of the ornament topper and tie a double knot at the ends. You can also tie a bow. Explain to the girls that the ribbon will represent the Girl Scout Promise.

Happy Holidays everyone!!! 

Posted on December 14, 2015 and filed under Girl scouts.