Spreading Some Holiday Laughter and Cheer

Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope y'all are managing to stay sane during this festive season! How many of you send holiday greeting cards?

We do!

Except, it is not your typical family portrait with everyone all dressed up and coordinating. In fact, I like to take the pictures myself even if it means using a remote or setting the 10 second timer and dashing into place. I had to use the timer this year because my camera remote mysteriously disappeared.

This is how our family rolls....

We only had enough energy and patience for a few takes so we had to get them somewhat right on the first try! LOL You take what you can get.

In case you are wondering...

Big foot is actually my husbands brother. He is currently living with us while he finishes out high school. He was pretty excited to do something fun for the picture!

I hope this brings a little laughter to your holiday! Try not to stress and take things too seriously and ENJOY your family!

Merry Christmas!

Posted on December 17, 2015 and filed under Family, Celebrate.