We've had some major changes around here.

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

Notice anything new on the website?!

We've had a face lift!

I've been debating for some time now as to whether I should switch my hosting sight from blogger. Well, I made the leap and I couldn't be happier! I love this new look and it's been a long process and many late nights but I'm proud to say it's a project I completed all by myself. Feeling proud with my coding skills right now.... Just sayin.

With the addition of our newest baby 8 weeks ago and me returning to my full time job today, I've done a lot of thinking and self-evaluating. I've been with this blog for 5 years now and I wasn't sure if I should continue with all the other obligations I have and if so, which direction I wanted to take it. I prayed and prayed some more. My heart told me not to give it up but I really needed to think what exactly I wanted to express in this little space of mine.

I did want to say thank you and HELLO to all of my recent subscribers!! I'm so excited and over joyed to see the crazy amount of notifications I've received lately with all of you signing up! YOU ROCK!  It's clear that this new direction is where I'm suppose to be headed with all the increase in recent support. I hope to bring you more of the girl scout planning ideas. It's seems to be the hot topic here! I'Along with that and I think to compliment GS I really want to dive into the world of raising up girls, perhaps that is why God has blessed me with three of them!  Of course, I can't part ways with my party planning and crafty projects so there will be a lot of that too. 

Have you been interested in healthy living and changing bad habits lately? Me too, which is why you may occasionally see some healthy recipes and other things along those lines on here too. I hope you don't mind if I share that journey with you. I find that if I am making some major lifestyle changes I really need to jump with both feet in, which is generally reflected in all that I do, including blogging.

Here is a fun picture of what I managed to get accomplished this weekend! The first time in a year since I dyed my hair. Boy, was it needed!

So stay tuned!

XOXO, Katie

Posted on August 24, 2015 and filed under Blogging, Happy Mama.