Just Started a Blog? Here are 5 Things You Must Do

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I’ve been blogging now for about 8 years… At first it started as a hobby Mom blog as a way to vent and sort out my feelings. About 4 years ago, I took my hobby blog and decided to get more serious about the time I spent plugging away on my laptop. I spent a ton of time learning the in’s and out’s of what makes a good blogger and monetizing myself. It was at that time that I re-branded myself and narrowed down my Niche.

Recently, I’ve been getting the similar questions that I had when I decided to make blogging a job and not just a hobby. Here are 5 things that you should do when you start blogging to make income.

Pick a name that indicates who you are

When I first started blogging, my blog name was 3 Wittle Birds. At the tie I felt it reflected what I was writing. It also had sentimental meaning as Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds song was a lullaby we played frequently. When I re branded and narrowed down my niche, that name no longer fit the message.

I feel like short and simple is best. The longer the title the harder it will be to remember. You will want your blog name to reflect what your write about. Make it relevant to your content so when people go to your site they know exactly what they will read. Think of your audience and the tone you want to set with your blog. I recommend writing blog name ideas out and come up with at least 20 before you decide. Keep in mind that you could always change this as the wheels are put in motion and you find your voice.

Determine your niche

While you are finding your voice you will also need to determine your niche and what specifically you will focus on. Why are your readers coming to your page? There are several different topics to consider. Here are the popular ones:

Buy the domain

I know it’d seem to be a little soon to start investing money into a blog that just started up but I strongly recommend getting the domain now. It doesn't cost much and the little investment is worth it. Domains get taken up so fast so get it while it's there. It looks more professional when you have your own domain. You might play around with your blog name some more after finding a domain that fits.

While you are at it, you would want to consider self-hosting. This means you own the material you put out, not the website you are using to blog. You can use Blue Host. They are cheap and they offer a free domain!

Write write write

When you first start blogging you will get a feel for your online voice and content to back it up. Write as much as you can and get a month’s worth of posts out there. Make sure that you are producing quality work, no just quantity. You will need to build up your content to give your readers a reason to come back to your blog.

Set up social media

You’ll need a way to connect with your readers beyond your blog. You’ll want to set up a social media presence so your readers can follow you in an easy place that they’re already interacting on. Year to date, 61% of my blogging traffic comes for social media! Start creating that presence and sharing your craft beyond your blog. My personal favorites are Pinterest and Facebook. I’m still trying to hack the Instagram algorithm but I love posting there, too.

Get social

Now it’s time to connect with other bloggers and your fans! Don’t expect everyone to come to you and comment on your stuff. It’s all about networking and putting yourself out there. Start interacting on social media. Follow other blogs similar to yours and comment on their posts. Find like-minded people on your social sites that you feel would be interested in your content and connect with them!

So now that you have brainstormed a fitting name and picked up your domain, get to writing and drop a comment below with your blog so we can connect!!