Be Our Guest

We would like for you to join us as a guest poster! Do you have an idea or previous post that you think would be great for 3 Wittle Birds readers? Then we want to hear from you! It can be a previous post on your blog or a completely new idea!

Here is what we are looking for...

Girl Scout content

So far my general knowledge of troop leading doesn't extend beyond Daisies, I'm looking for other troop leader ideas for older grade levels. You don't have to be a website or blog owner to post, we just want to share the wealth of ideas with other troop leaders. After all, we know how hard this gig can be!

Party ideas

Tips and tricks on easy entertaining to birthday party blowouts!

Happy Mama content

I love hearing stories about motherhood and what makes you mama's happy. Do you have any special routines or secret weapons to get through the chaos? We'd love for you to share!

Raising Girls

Raising girl tips or special experiences that you can't miss!

Anything else you think would fit?

What we require...

Well thought out posts, with proper grammar and punctuation. I do not edit your work so it needs to be a finished product.

Provide specific details where needed: If you are submitting a tutorial or a project, please make sure to provide specific details to make the idea useful to our readers.

Quality photographs: Photographs need to be original. The pictures need to be clear and with proper lighting. 

Submit your work!

Please email me at with your work along with some or all of your pictures. I will review all submissions and get back to you within 2 weeks. If you are chosen your work will be featured and include social media shout outs on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter.

Posted on September 22, 2015 and filed under Blogging.