Daisy Flower Garden Journey: Session 4 Plant Helpers

Hello Girl Scout Volunteers!

Today we are continuing on with the Daisy Flower Garden Journey with session 4!

Last session our focus was on the parts of a flower. The theme of this session was all about our plant helpers... aka bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and worms! In case you missed the previous sessions they can be found below...

Session 3

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Session 1

Start up Activity: (5-10 mins)

Record their seedlings by drawing a picture in their notebooks.

Pg. 61 or pg. 62 from Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden

Activity: Discuss the different plant helpers and their importance. (5-10 min)

I created a quick poster that titled "Plant Helpers" I printed out pictures of a bee, butterfly, ladybug, and worm. We discussed how bees and butterflies help pollinate plants to they bear the fruits and vegetables and without them many of our foods would not exist. We talked about how ladybugs help to keep out certain bugs that are bad for plants and how the worms help to create nutrient rich soil.

Activity: Ladybug Garden Rocks and Read Chap. 4 (30 mins)



  • 1 flat rock for each girl (river rocks work great and you can buy a bag of them at the Dollar Tree)

  • Red, Black, and white(optional) paint

  • small paint brushes or q-tip

Have the girls create their own garden protectors by painting their rocks to look like ladybugs. First, start by painting the entire rock red. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Then add black spots and the black head. You can use the back tip of the paint brush to create the small spots. This might be easier for the girls. Allow to dry. If you have enough time you can add two with dots on the head for the eyes. While the girls are painting and you allow time in between to dry READ chapter 4 from Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden.

Activity: Tissue Butterfly (10 mins)


  • colorful pipe cleaner

  • 8 in x 8 in tissue paper

  • clothes pin

  • black marker or crayons for decoration 

  • googly eyes (optional and requires glue and time to dry)

Fold the tissue paper accordion style leaving about an inch in between folds. Then crunch the center to fit in the clothes pin and fan out the tissue. Fold the pipe cleaners in half and curl up the ends to look like antennas. At the fold, insert the antennas into the tissue butterfly. Have the girls add in eye and decorate the body of the butterfly as they chose.

Discuss the Take Action Project (5 mins)

After we finished our projects and washed up and cleaned off the tables we sat down for our closing ceremony. We used this time to discuss ideas for our Take Action project and the girls were interested in the Worm Composting idea! Other ideas that we discussed was planting a community garden at the school, and raising ladybugs or butterflies.

Wrap up with a Friendship Squeeze!

Stay tuned for the next post on our Worm Composting bin and our Garden Party Court of Awards Ceremony!



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