The Best Websites to Follow if You are a Troop Leader

Welcome Troop Leader Mamas!!

Because sharing is caring, today I wanted to share with you my favorite websites for my meeting planning inspiration that I think will be of great help to you! When I first started out planning the meetings I was overwhelmed with all the different resources and felt lost. I followed the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting and the Journey Leadership books, but I felt there was more needed. Some of the activities didn't fit our troop dynamic and I needed to make some changes.

This is totally okay!!

You really need to think of your troop atmosphere and what would actually work with Your girls because sometimes following the leadership manual or Girl Guide  activities doesn't engage your specific girl group. I will write a post on the importance of this later but you need to keep this in mind.

Another great resource is your council and other councils. If you search different councils you will find they offer different resources and badge planning. So, if you don't like what your council has to offer find one you do like!

Best Websites for Troop Planning....

Making Friends

This website offers free and very cute printables such as calendars and coloring pages! It's also a store where you can purchase activities for your girls or get inspiration.


Another fellow troop leader offering up their ideas and troop meeting planning and badge earning.

One Year of Daisy Scouts

Ideas of badge earning and journey in a day!

Scout Leader Connect

Troop meeting planning ideas and inspiration. I love her egg breaking idea for "Be courageous and strong"

Girl Scout Leader 101

More badge and awards planning.

In the Loop

A helpful blog from troop support itself! 


I'm sure you already know this!

Hope this helps ya'll out!!! If you have a website or blog dedicated to Girl Scouts please share with us in the comments! I would love to create a forum of resources! Have a wonderful Monday!

Posted on September 21, 2015 and filed under Girl scouts.