Girl Scout Law craft with free printable!

I've seen this idea a few times on Pinterest but I can never seem to find the actual printable for the promise and law cards! 

I really did love this idea and it's something they can pin to their uniforms and use each meeting or give away as swaps! 

Don't go out and buy the individual bags for every different color! That will be expensive. I found a bag of pony beads from the Dollar Tree that magically contained each color... FOR ONLY $1!


  • 11 different colored beads (each to represent a petal and the center promise)

  • Green thread or plastic string

  • safety pins

  • Printable!


Start with the blue bead for the promise. String your bead to the middle and tie a knot.

Continue with the next bead... light blue, yellow, light green.... light purple

Finish with a double knot.

Use the printable above and print and cut as many little cards as you need. I laminated mine and you can find a reasonable laminator on amazon!

Use a hole puncher and punch a hole at the top left of the card. 

Unclasp your safety pin and slip it through hole punched in your card and the dark blue promise bead. Close your clasp and you are done!