The Perfect Game for the Brownie Money Manager Badge!

It's finally here and I'm so excited to share this with ya'll!!! I know many of you have been asking for this and I was looking for a fun way to to teach the money manager badge. What better way!

How to Play....

Have the girls break up into teams. Give each team a set of cards with round 1-3 and the showcase round card. Go through each round individually and reveal at the end of each round. After the first three rounds have the girls add up their scores. The top two teams will get to move on to the showcase round. Each round takes about 5-10 minutes. Allow for 20-30 minutes for the entire game.

Download the game cards through my shop in the link below!


Money Manager Price is Right game cards

This game works wonderfully with the Brownies Money Manager badge! Instant download that you can print copies for your entire troop!

The cards work well with steps 2-5 of the badge.


Round 1: Elf groceries
Round 2: Elf outfit and accessories
Round 3: Elf school supplies
Showcase Round: Fun prize package!

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Here is the answer key too!