It's a Name Changer!

Yep, That's right! We changed our name! 

I'm really excited for the direction of Mighty Girls Rocks (previously 3 Wittle Birds) and the shift in the focus. I'm looking forward to ramping up the content and bringing you more of Girl Scout planning and empowering #raisinggirl posts!

There comes a time in your life when you really have to take a step back and question what is working and what is not. And although 3 Wittle Birds has been near and dear to my heart, times are changing and so is my audience!

Listen to what works and go with it!

Re-branding is never easy but it can be really fun and our new name is super fun!

So what is our focus?

Raising girls of course! But it's not just raising girls. It's empowering all Venusians to rock what they do and live the fullest and most confident life!

How are we going to do this? Well, you all are loving the Girl Scout posts so definitely more of that. In addition, I am excited to be adding some new ideas and concepts for our Happy Mamas out there! 

Happy Mama has been a real turning point and a real aha moment for me. Not just because I'm raising 3 girls (not trying for any boys either so don't ask) but I've really put myself in last place for too long and it's totally coming through in my physical and mental health. This is not the type of teaching I want my girls to learn so I need to provide those healthy examples.

Are you with me?

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*Wadrobe from the picture: jacket from H&M, Aztec Leggings from Target, and Sunglasses from Children's Place.

Posted on March 23, 2016 and filed under Happy Mama, Raising Girls.