Daisy Scout: Make the World a Better Place

I think this has to be my favorite part of the Girl Scout Law! 

The thing about this petal is that there are thousands of ways one can do this! Our troop worked on this last year through the Daisy Flower Garden. We planted flowers for an unkempt garden. Naturally, any project that helps the environment would work for this petal. You can use this for your take action project!

This year we joined our local event to spruce up the park. We worked with other scouts and community members as we picked up trash along a local lake and park. It was a learning experience too as one of our parents is very knowledgeable about wildlife and the environment. She talked about how trash can impact the land and animals.

We also witnessed a not so environmentally friendly netting that the park district once used to lay down grass seed. What we learned was that it's not biodegradable and the netting ends up getting caught in small animals feet like ducks and snakes. This led into a great discussion on how the girls can make changes in our community to make the work a better place! 

Make the world a better place
— Girl Scout Law

Ideas for the Rosie Petal

I would definitely leave it up to the girls on this one. Ask them what it means to them to make the world a better place and have them come up with ideas they can do as a troop. If they are having trouble coming up with their own make some suggestions or give them starter ideas. When girls talk about and feel a connection with the cause it's much more meaningful to them and they will gain more out of the experience than just picking something for them.

  1. Plant a tree/garden
  2. Earth day projects (recycling, garbage pick up)
  3. Secret agent envelopes ( 5 secret good deeds to make the world a better place)
  4. Community service project
    1. Blankets for homeless vets
    2. Cancer bags for kids in the hospital
    3. Spruce up the community
    4. visit an elderly home
  5. Anti-bully campaign at school
  6. Make a collage of the needs of the world (clean water, food, shelter) to display at school
  7. Play with dogs at an animal shelter
  8. Read/watch the Lorax
Here is a picture from last year when we made tie blankets for homeless Vets! Can you tell the girls love helping others!

Here is a picture from last year when we made tie blankets for homeless Vets! Can you tell the girls love helping others!

I hope this provides you with a little inspiration when planning the Rosie petal. This is really an easy one and I'll say it again... ultimately let the girls decided. They will treasure the experience so much more! :)

Posted on April 5, 2016 and filed under Girl scouts.