Troop Meeting Planner and other useful tools

With only a month away until school starts my leader planning hat is on as I start brainstorming ideas for the upcoming year. We are going to be a multi-level troop this year!!! Which means our troop size will be doubling. Ekkk! Ryleigh is going into Kindergarten and a promise I made to her a long time ago is coming true... I will be her troop leader. Which means organization and getting my sh*t together is absolutely necessary if I don't want to lose my mind.

As our Brownie girls are getting older we are going to continue to increase their involvement and responsibilities. Not only are they picking their badges and activities, like last year, they are also going to be a part of the planning process and leading a portion of the meeting.

To make it fun and easy for them, I designed a meeting planner sheet. The way it's going to work is that the first two meetings are going to be dedicated to planning out the year. The Brownies are going to vote on the badges for the year and then they will be broken up into pairs and each pair will get a badge to plan. They will review the required steps and talk about the activities they want to complete and fill out the planner sheet. Once their meeting rolls around they will also have a chance to lead some of the activities. I'm so excited about these changes and I think it will keep the girls engaged in the program.

More Troop Management Tools!

For your first meeting

I love using the "About Me" sheet as our opener at our first meeting. The girls love sharing about themselves and it gives me a chance to find out what they are truly interested in.

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