Juliette Gordon Low Birthday Bash

What kid doesn’t love a birthday party? Celebrating Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday, along with Founder’s Day, is a great way to teach scouts about the history and traditions behind the purpose!

Every year our troop does a little something special to honor this amazing lady and this year we put together a birthday party!! This is also the time we usually do our Rededication/Investiture ceremony so all together it makes for a pretty special occasion!

Crafts and Games

Juliette Gordon Low Pumpkin Biography craft This is a festive way to teach girls about Juliette’s background.

Juliette Gordon Low Bingo

Paper bag Juliette

Make Juliette Hats

Flat Juliette - Your girls can color and cut out the Juliette figures. You can then laminate them and hook up with troops from around the world and send them your Juliettes. Have them take pictures of your Flat Juliettes from the places she visits!

Make Girl Scout chocolates!

Carve pumpkins!

Party Printables

Free Party Printables

Check out our printable troop banner!

Books and Resources!