Veteran's Day Ideas for Your Troop

Veteran’s Day is quickly coming up and we often forget about it because it’s wedged between Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday we should acknowledge as scouts as we share a love of serving our country. It’s a great way to instill good citizenship and would complement a citizen/government badge!

  • Good Neighbor Badge (Daisy)

  • Celebrate Community (Brownie)

  • Inside Government (Junior)

  • Finding Common Ground (Cadette)

  • Behind the Ballot (Senior)

  • Public Policy (Ambassador)

This year our troop is able to participate in a flag ceremony at their school’s Veteran’s Day assembly! The girls were pretty excited to be a part of the event as scouts! If your school does a similar ceremony at your school, you might want to inquire about finding ways the girls can participate.

Here are some ways your troop can honor our Veterans on this special day.

  • Make tie blankets for a veteran’s homeless shelter. We did this when the kids were brownies. Depending on how many you make this can be time consuming and little hands will need to be able to tie knots, so not ideal for daisies.

  • Make a Veteran’s Day Poppy

  • Write letters to soldiers and veterans or create care packages. Here are two organizations to check out…

  • Invite friends and family that are or have served in the military for a special tea party in their honor.

  • Don’t your Halloween candy to an organization that delivers to troops overseas.

  • March in a Veteran’s Day parade

  • Learn the Flag Ceremony

  • Visit a VA hospital and/or deliver care packages