Cookie Party Cruise on Lake Michigan and Swaps!!

This year my oldest daughter worked her butt off to reach the 500 goal selling cookie boxes. We have a fairly large troop and another Girl Scout in the house that made for extra obstacles this year. She had to share her friends and family sales with her younger sister. She did a ton of cookie booth and went selling door to door. She pushed!

That's why I was so excited for her when she reached that mark and was invited to the cookie cruise as a program incentive for selling 500 boxes. It was our first year attending and we had so much fun!! A couple of her sister scouts reached their goal and got to go on the cruise too, which only adds to the fun!! It was a two hour cruise along Lake Michigan and included a yummy buffet with Bella's favorite food... tacos! Then the girls had fun dancing with fellow sister scouts. 

We were encouraged to make SWAPS and we were up late the night before trying to get done as many as we could. She did about 90 percent of them herself. Thanks Pinterest!

Bella really hasn't done much swaps in the 4 years that she has been a scout. This cruise really showed her the heart of SWAPs and she fell in love with it!

It was a fantastic time despite the overcast and occasional rain. I'm sure both of my girls are going to want to shoot for the cruise next year! What was your girl's cookie goal this year?