Devil's Lake Wisconsin Camping Trip!

Last fall, our family took a major step and decided to invest in a travel trailer. I stalked the internet for months trying to find the best deal on a used "starter" camper for our family. Our knowledge of campers, or towing anything in general, was sparse but I'm a firm believer that if you want to do something you just have to pull the trigger and learn through doing.

After dabbling a little over a month on RV repairs, updates and fixing the rotted floor, we were able to take our first trip to Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. It was our first visit to this park and I wish we would have spent more than 2 nights there.

We stayed at the Northern Lights campground in a non-electric site that was wide open. We tried for electrical but you have to book early!! You can make reservations up to 11 months in advance. My daughter loved that we could see other people and there were definitely fewer bugs than the forest sites. We picked a site (167) at the entrance to the Northern Lights campground that was near to the trail that led down to the beach and North Shore. It was also pretty close to the Ice Age campground where we purchased firewood.

We brought along our fur baby. This was her camping first trip and I'm pretty sure she loves camping now. There were a ton of dogs at the campgrounds and throughout the hiking trails, they just were not allowed in the picnic areas.

The first night we focused on setting up the trailer and cooking dinner. It was misting when we arrived but that didn't stop us from starting a campfire. The misting was actually nice because it kept the mosquitos away. The rain stoped for a short while when we decided to take a trip to the campground store for some firewood. One of the campground stores is located in the Ice Age campgrounds. That night it rained with thunderstorms and we were happy to find that the camper didn't The next morning we ate breakfast and hit the only trail we thought the youngest child could handle. 

Tumble Rock Trail


What a beautiful trail and gorgeous scenery. It was an easy trail that followed the shore of the lake from the north shore to the south shore. From start to the south shore was 2 miles, 4 miles round trip. We didn't really think about the 4 miles or if our kids could handle it when we set out. Looking back I don't think I would have done the full 4 miles and would have stopped halfway. We ate lunch at the south shore at the concessions building. We let the dog dip her paws in the dog-friendly beach while Penny napped on her daddy's shoulders. She was sooo tired and rightfully so. If it weren't for that short 30-minute nap, Penny would have NEVER made it back. It was just enough rest for her to get a boost and be excited to step back on the trail. 

The following day it was time to pack everything up. There were clear skies, unlike the previous overcast day, and it was warm. After packing up we decided to take a walk do to the beach and let the kids play in the water. Bella fully enjoyed the beach while Ryleigh had to be content with dipping her toes due to the cast on her broken arm. 


In the future, I would love to bring the Girl Scout troop here! So much to do (hiking, swimming, kayaking, fishing, biking)! The campgrounds are great. Some have electrical hookups and I saw a ton of tent camping. There are bathhouses located throughout the campsite that offer showers. Some bathhouses are nice than others. The campgrounds were very family friendly and quiet without the partying. 

We regret only booking the campsite for 2 nights. There was so much more to enjoy and I would have loved to have a full day at the beach or to at least use the kayak we brought with. There are many trails to try out, varying in difficulty but with amazing views from what I hear!! This will definitely be a destination to add to the yearly trips list!!