When Siblings Fight

fight thumbnail.jpg

I'm not usually one of those Moms who gets excited for back to school. I love the time I have together with my kids and I'm trying to take it all in and what time they have left being young is important to me. This summer was a little... well... we will call it different. I was counting the days until school was back in session. They honestly just needed to be separated!! They needed to not see each other for a good SEVERAL hours throughout the day.

It's not like they were cooped up inside all summer. There was daily neighborhood play with skateboarding, riding bikes, popsicles and hanging out with friends. But, they have done 99% of it together and the fighting has been over the top the past couple of months.

It had gotten to the point where my nice mommy voice (tries to coach them into working it out) no longer existed and all that was left is what felt like whispers in the wind. I just let them fight. When they came to me wanting a referee I told them if I have to get involved you are both grounded. 

Ya'll, raising 3 girls is like a battle field!

So we have been back at school now for about 2 weeks and honestly the fighting hasn't stopped!!! WTF! So now I'm hunting the internet, looking for "5 ways to get your kids to get along".

Girl, I've already tried those ways... so what's next?


For now, I will continue on my pursuit for an amicable home.

What are your tips for raising happy siblings?