Confronting Another Parent In Defense Of Your Child

There are some waters that you just have to tread ever so lightly. Communication can be hard, especially when it’s written or texted. I find it incredibly difficult to confront other parents about their children’s behavior. I’m talking about that other student in your kid’s class that has been an issue with your child, for whatever reason (maybe stealing their school supplies or bullying), and you know the parents.

There are very few parents I will approach regarding their kid’s behavior, especially when it happens at school and I don’t witness it myself. They have to be someone I have a vested relationship with, who I know and trust well! There are maybe 2 people on that list. Even then, I tread those waters so carefully so I don’t come across accusing or blaming.

Let’s face it, we all get defensive with our own kids. Our natural response would look to justify and understand our child’s behavior. If the communication from the other parent came in the form as a text or email it is so difficult to understand their tone and feelings when writing it. You may think you are writing something positive or adding a joke to keep it light but the person on the other end might not take it that way.

Personally, I go through the school/teacher. I’ve had enough drama with crazy parents to know that if it doesn’t happen on my watch then I’m not the one who needs to address it. A friend of mine recently had a similar issue and she is more upfront about things. I understand why she did it and I respect her for it. It seems like the logical and mature thing to do. She contacted the parents directly and let’s just say it didn’t end well and she somehow ended up being bullied into apologizing to the kid on the phone by the other parent. Nothing was solved but a relationship was now turned cold. She wasn’t really sure what had happened when she got off that phone call but to say the least she was more upset than prior to that it.

What do you do when there is an issue with another student at school and you know the parents?

Do you address it with them directly or do you speak with the school and go through the teacher?

Posted on September 16, 2018 and filed under Family, Parenting, School.