First Scout Meeting Ideas

Hey there new leader!

Welcome to the fabulous world of troop leading! I’m so excited for you! I remember back to my very first troop meeting and how nervous I was. I worried about whether the girls would listen to me or if I’d be able to lead them all. Would the activities I planned be fun? Would they have a good time and want to come back? They were all so excited and eager to be Girl Scouts that they absolutely had a great time!

Still, planning that first meeting can be a little stressful. Especially since you are just starting out and I’m sure overwhelmed with all the knowledge and ideas out there. I’m here to tell you that it will be okay and keep it simple. Use your first meeting as an introduction for both you and the girls.

Ideas for your first meeting…

As they arrive….

Have them complete the All About Me forms by themselves or with a parent (if they can’t write well). All About Me sheets can be found here: Printables These forms are a great way to make them feel like this program is about them! It will also give you a little bit more information about the unique girls in your troop and their specific interests!

Start with Introductions and make a game out of it!

Learn about the GS Law and Promise

The first thing the girls will need to know is the GS promise and Law. Make it fun with this cute swap idea and free printable!

Learn a GS tradition

Obviously you won’t have time for everything but pick out one of these ideas below!

  • Learn a song (Make New Friends, Brownie Smile, Daisy Song)

  • Introduce Juliette Gordon Low

  • Talk about the badges and have them pick a couple they are interested in

Take individual pictures of their very first Girl Scout meeting!

You don’t need to know how you are going to use these pictures yet but they will be cute to look back on in whatever you do. Maybe you use them in a scrapbook or an end of the year comparison or a possible ornament idea during the holidays. You will be thankful you took this picture.

Create a Mural

Have each girl contribute a little part of the troop mural. It could be a collection of hands to make up a rainbow or flower garden. You might have each girl draw their favorite animal or activity to do in their free time. You can also have them draw something they would like to do in Girl Scouts!

Have Fun!

Don’t stress too much about your first meeting. If the girls are having fun they will absolutely want to come back for what’s next! Also important, YOU need to have fun. This is a journey for you just as much as it is for them!

After the meeting

Congrats on your first meeting and welcome to this crazy roller coaster of troop leading! Enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cold beer, maybe even a shot of tequila because you did it! I hope this helps ease your first meeting jitters and don’t forget to reach out for help and connect with other leaders through our Facebook group!

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