Kid’s First Aid Kits


A couple years back I crafted these cute little kits for the girls in my troop. We were planning and preparing for a camping trip and earning our Brownie First Aid badge. These are perfect for GS but also any little kid who likes to feel a little independence. Lets be real, what kid doesn't like playing with band aids? If you are looking to personalize, I used my Cricut cutting machine and vinyl. I'm sure someone you know has one ;)

You could also head over to the craft store and buy the Alphabet and first aid stickers.

The plastic containers can be purchased from the Dollar Tree or Walmart. They are the perfect size and I believe they are "Crayon Boxes". I love having them in color but they have clear ones too.

Supplies to put in your kit....

  • Band Aids (assorted sizes)

  • Alcohol wipe packets

  • Small tube of Antibiotic ointment

  • Kid Tweezers

  • Q-tips

  • Little gauze pads