Motherhood is about patience

Before I had Bella and before I found out I was pregnant I didn't take very well to children and babies. I know some of you are thinking how could I not like babies... Well I was that person. I would cringe at the whisper of screaming children. I kind of found it annoying. It tested my patience, what patience I even had. I would find those mothers at the mall that would have this screaming child begging to go and they would just nonchalantly ignore them and keep on doing what there were doing. I thought how rude and selfish, not only to the child but the people around her. Children at a certain age have no self control, its natural and its a part of growing up so you can't stop the crying sometimes... but you can put everyone else out of their misery by exiting the building.

Motherhood has taught me patience. I now know how to tone out those cries and screams. I've become a pro at it. Though I don't stay wandering around while my child is acting up in public. I'm the mom that is scurrying out the door of embarrassment. I see these moms at the mall all the time and I totally sympathize with you.

I was kinda shocked at how patient I have become with motherhood. This weekend I was in the bathroom about to put my contacts in when my daughter threw, not dropped but purposely threw my cell phone into the toilet! Normally I would blow a load and get angry, but surprisingly a surreal sense of calm came over me as I reached into the toilet to fetch it out. I looked at my daughter and said nothing. I think she was expecting me to yell. I was so calm I felt like I was in a daze. In such a daze that when I went to put my contacts in my eyes, I had completely ignored the fact that my hands were just in a toilet and didn't wash them. I didn't even realize this until hours later driving in the car to work. You know how when something just dawns on you when your not thinking about it? I'm expecting to visit the eye doctor in a couple of days!

In addition to my phone in the toilet, Bella also amazingly locked herself in her room. I don't even know how this is possible but yep it happened. I had to call the maintenance guy to help me unlock it. I also got a bowl full of cereal down my dress this morning over a fight with the spoon. She obviously won. I guess this means we have reached that stage. The terrible toddler stage! It's only up hill from here.

This coming Saturday we will officially attempt yet again the potty training! Can't wait!
Posted on August 29, 2010 .