Oopsy Poopsy!!

I had heard about the three day weekend Potty training challenge! Not going into to much detail the outcome is suppose to be very effective but requires much work. I had a weekend off coming up and so did my husband so we thought “lets stay in and do this!” Until I forgot that I was suppose to attend my best friend’s bridal shower and my husband would be stuck most of the first day alone.

I ended up getting a phone call from him mid day with an exhausted sound in his voice saying “babe I just can’t do this… I’m putting on the diaper” I chuckled to myself picturing him running around the living room chasing our bare bottomed baby as she trickled pee everywhere in the mist of screams and laughter having the time of her life with out a diaper while thinking it was hilarious the way daddy was acting. My husband following her with a spray bottle and paper towels… looking back it still makes me laugh!

We didn’t succeed in the challenge that weekend but she has become more aware of down there and her physical need to poop. She will tug at her diaper and even attempt to take it off because she knows she needs changing. When you ask her where her butt is, she gives you this devilish grin and lifts up one leg to mock her daddy.

So it all happened one afternoon… We had just finished lunch and I was cleaning the dishes when Bella motioned that she had to poop by lifting her leg and then she disappeared around the corner. I thought I will change it as soon and I’m done with the dishes. She was very quite for a minute and it seemed like something was up. When she came back she had one of the straps to her diaper unfastened and was attempting the other one….


It was too late; her diaper had fallen and poopy was going everywhere. I ran to pick it up but then my little giggling monster started to run and brush her bum against everything. I yelled “No Bella!” and her reply with her devilish smile…

Posted on August 17, 2010 .