Women, Food, and God


By Geneen Roth

Book Review

So I have recently finished Women Food and God by Geneen Roth, as suggested by Oprah Winfrey. I have some mix feelings about her message and her out look on our physical existence itself. However, in the end it did encourage me to really look at my eating habits and why we eat. It's not just because our bodies are hungry for nourishment. The underlying factor is that we eat for pleasure, to suppress feelings and because we are bored, when we really should only be eating when our body tells us we are hungry. I believe this to be true. I would often find my self wandering to the freezer to dip my spoon in that tub of chocolate ice cream when I was a little overwhelmed, especially when Bella was first born. Sometimes food can take us to another place in our mind and bodies where we just don't worry about the everyday things. That is until we put the tub back and the spoon in the sink and not only are we reminded of our current situation but we just tacked on how many calories to burn off for that day so it wont all go to our hips.

She talks about how

we need to deal with issues that cause us to eat

this way. I guess all in all you really need to read the book for yourself to experience it. If you are a stress eater this book is especially good for you. It gives us an understanding of a deeper dimension into out psychological being. She does this through the strict following of her guidelines for eating...

I wont mention these guidelines because I don't feel it is safe to follow them without reading the entire book and have at least some understanding to them. The possibility for misinterpretation is much too high and will only result in a negative experience...

I can say that from the awareness she has brought to me I feel as though my eating trends and habits have changed. I feel physically better and more alive. I would even go as far to say that the last 5 pounds I lost could be attributed to the overall message she has sent me. You may have to read the book more then once and that is OK. Each time I read it I am able to peel back another layer of understanding.

Posted on August 10, 2010 .