Myths about motherhood

Sometimes, it's just absolutely impossible to do it all. Laundry, clean up, dishes, cook, full time mom, work nights. I'm admit on several occasions I shut it down at night with a house that looks like a tornado has pummeled through. Crayons on the floor, coloring pages scattered, clothes on the stairs, shoes all over the entry and dishes in the sink (cringe), I hate leaving dishes in the sink, especially overnight! It drives me crazy, but I've done it, because sometimes I just don't have enough in me. I wish my house was kept cleaner, and I was always on top of the laundry. It's hard working nights... by the time I go into work I'm drained from the day.
Sometimes I feel like I'm not enough. I have doubts about what kind of mother I have been so far. I know we are not perfect but in this job we can't help but to doubt ourselves at least a couple times.

There are days where I don't get a shower in. My daughter wont go down for a nap that day and she screams when I leave her alone so there is no place to squeeze it in.

Motherhood it messy. Ever watch that show "Dirty Jobs"? Well being a mom should be on there. The smelly dirty diapers, the throw up, the food throw at you, the constant cleaning up. Yep its messy and definitely not for the faint hearted!

I am a magazine hoarder. I'm not gonna hide it. I like to keep past magazine issues for years, mostly because I believe they can be of value to me in the future. One magazine that I recently recycled/reread was a issue of Woman's Day from October 2008, volume 71, issue 16. This magazine is two years old but something told me to keep it. I was reading an issue about the "top 5 mom myths". Two years ago this wouldn't have been of any value to me, but now, having a toddler, its golden!

Here they are, the top 5 mom myths...
1) A good mom likes her children all the time.
Thank God this was said! While I love my Bella unconditionally, there are times where she upsets me and I don't like her very much, there I said it! And that's Okay!!! It's important to admit that especially when they are misbehaving, it's when these feelings are suppressed that we are more likely to explode and act in ways we may regret.

2)A good mom bonds with her children immediately
Again thankful for this one. It took me some time to really feel a connection with my baby.

3)A good mom balances it all
Like I have previously mentioned, there are some days where we just can't get it done. It's chaotic and messy... but hey Woman's Day says that's okay!!

4)A good mom spends a lot of time with her kids- and they like her because of it
Actually, I do spend a lot of time with my child, but when she gets older, hopefully, I will be able to limit the activities I am involved in. I get that at a certain age parents just are "not cool"

5) A good mom belongs to one big supportive Moms club
Actually, I believe this doesn't really have to do with being a good mom. It has to do with being good to your self. I recently have been trying to get involved in one. Really your choice on this one, I want to do it for personal reasons, not because its what I think a good mom does. I don't really know many moms my age with children that are Bella's age.

With that said, you can now rest at night knowing that these unrealistic ideas placed on us, are very rarely obtainable and should not be taken too seriously.
Posted on September 7, 2010 .