So Long Summer

With this labor day weekend coming to a close, it marks the official end to summer in my eyes. Kids are already going back to school ,and people are turning into serious mode. The weather will soon be a changing, with that brisk fall air.
When seasons change like this, it seems to be the end to a means, and opportunity for a new beginning. I always like to sit back and reminisce during these changes. Lately, with the back to school hustle, I have been pondering on the past, remembering what it was like when I was young, and what summers used to mean to me. I loved the careless attitude, and the freedom behind it. Strapping on my roller blades, and heading out to the other side of the neighborhood, to hang out with my friends. The family trips we would take, to the Michigan sand dunes, or some other outdoor beauty. Summer was an adventure! I remember at the end of one summer, when I was going into high school, I would sit on the roof of a friends garage, you could hear the locus'. We would talk about how amazing that summer was, as we flashed the airplanes that went by, we thought we were such rebels! That was by far the most memorable summer. I was so nervous to start high school! What guys would I be meeting, any romances, who would be in my classes?! It was a whole new adventure. When school did start, we were bombarded with the idea of school spirit and homecoming, the football games and the weekends! Would we have dates? What it was like to be a teenager, no real worries, no responsibilities. That was the life, sort of.

For any of you Twilight fans out there, I'm sure this has brought out some kind of nostalgia for you. I absolutely loved the books. Read all four of them in a matter of two weeks! So, my love for the books helped me to completely ignore the bad acting in the first movie! It really brings you back to the high school romances!

Moving past my fantasizing.... Here are some moments from this summer that will be captured in my memory for years to come!

Posted on September 6, 2010 .