Taking a Moment

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven."
~ John Bowring
So, today I called off of work. Shhh, don't tell them...

I feel like I have been putting in so many hours at work and at home, that I wanted to take a moment and indulge a little bit. So I did. I went to a beauty facial party with my friends and their kids, and had a blast. I miss hanging out with friends, and that's why I did it. Every now and then we need a "mental health day", right? I haven't taken one in so long, and my attendance record is almost spotless, so I figured "why not?".

I think, it is important, as mom's, that we take some time, now and again, for ourselves. It helps us recharge our batteries, and brings us back to reality. We are more then just a mom. I think we all tend to lose a part of ourselves when we become a mother, don't get me wrong, we also gain a lot. It's okay to admit this though, and remind ourselves that we are an amazing woman!

Last night, I was also able to enjoy a moment of what life was like pre-family. Luis, Bella and I met some of my friends at a end of the summer mini fest... There was live bands, food and yes, beer! This is something I could not do when Bella was first born, but now that she is a little older, she was able to enjoy it just as much as mommy did! She was my little dancing queen swaying and bobbing to the beats. I was able to enjoy a beautiful evening outside, listening to live music and enjoying a beer! Ahhh it felt so good!

The best part is that I was able to do these things with my daughter right next to me. I am very grateful for this amazing weekend and for my wonderful family. Thank you, to whoever out there :), allowed me to experience this!
Posted on September 12, 2010 .