Not another year

I hate to write this being that I'm only 26 years old, 27 next week, but I feel so old! I get that I still have many wonderful years ahead of me, but I wish I could just stop time and stay here a while.

The other day I injured my back. On Sunday evening, I went to switch Bella into her own bed after she had fallen asleep in ours, as I picked her up I felt this agonizing sharp tingling pain run down my spine. I was so worked up that I couldn't even breath without feeling like my chest was crushing. I tried repositioning but that didn't work. Finally Luis had to pick me up on to the bed as I layed there in a fetal position for the rest of the night. When I woke up the pain was just as bad, so we decided to go to the chiropractor. I'm in my twenties and I already have problems with my back, really!? Basically, I got an adjustment and had some xrays and other tests done, I was told that I had really bad spinal problems.

Today, my back feels better and I'm sure I just had a muscle spasm. I'm not going back to that chiropractor, he was much to sales pitchy and I'm not about to hand over all my money. I'm going to reevaluate my lifestyle and make some changes, lose some weight and work on my back muscles. Then, and only if this doesn't help will I go see another chiropractor, who I trust to tell me what I really need.

Bella is growing up so fast! She is potty trained at 19 months, Hooray! But now is the time for it to just stand still. I really want to live in this moment or period of time with her just a little bit longer.

Next week I turn 27. I'm dreading it. I know, 27 is still young, but when you don't feel young it's just another year to reassure you that you are getting old:)
Posted on October 19, 2010 .