Dora gets a time out

The other day while Bella was pretend having a conversation with her Dora doll, Bella began crying and she comes running up to me with her doll. I ask whats wrong and she throws the doll down and points to it out of disgust.
Me: "Is Dora not playing nice?"
She shakes her head up and down
Bella: "Blang ooy anov" she said in her own language.
Me: "What happens when someone doesn't play nice?"
Bella: "tipmo oooy" She picked Dora up and puts her in the time out spot (the stairs)

On another note...
This morning, Bella went to sit on her potty and fell off. I couldn't help but laugh... it was funny. She got so mad that I was laughing that she slammed the bathroom door in my face.
Posted on November 4, 2010 .