Stuck in a rut

I want to believe...
That everything will be okay.
A long time ago I heard that if you think positively, and feel positively, and live positively, positive things will happen. Why is it that lately this is not the case. I wouldn't really say that it has been an equal balance of my positiveness to the actual reality that occurs. I want to believe, really I do.

Our car, the "good car" broke down in the middle of the road yesterday. Now we are faced with car repair costs, money that we don't even have. I knew this would happen sometime or another, but now is completely the worst time. Our finances are a mess and we are already behind as it is. I know talking about money might be "airing dirty laundry" so to speak, but I'm sure with the way things are today that many people are in the same situation.

I keep praying, wishing and dreaming positive thoughts... "don't worry, bout a thing... every little thing is gonna be alright", trying not to let the things get to me too much to really focus on the negative energy it brings.

In the past some how everything has always worked out. Even when we thought we didn't have the money for something, some way the impossible was met. I hoping is not our luck running out.
Posted on November 17, 2010 .