Bella's aDORAble 2nd Birthday!

It's been very busy this past month and this is a little delayed. When I went to download the pictures, I realized I didn't have very many and the ones I did have came out blurry. Bummer, but the children had a wonderful time, and that was my goal.

The theme was Princess Dora!

I got her cake from Target. They were the only one's I could find that had Dora Princess.

I also made Dora the Explorer cupcakes! I found the 

idea and dora template

 at They are not as easy as the tutorial make it out to be.

I got the 

Dora Picture here

The royal invitation I got 


! I used photoshop to resize and insert party information.

Bella awaiting the opening of her presents! I made her birthday dress!


ach child got to bring home their own 

Dora Backpack

 filled with a crayon roll up, princess wand, and a maraca. I printed some Dora 

coloring pages

 and rolled them up like the map!

For the party snacks a served a 

Taco Bread Casserole

 with all the toppings, as well as some queso and a taco dip. The theme was fiesta in honor of Dora!

She was so excited for all her gifts!

She enjoyed eating her cake and ice cream while playing tea party in the "Explorer Room". The Explorer Room was suppose to be an obstacle course set up for the little ones. We started with

 Puzzle Bridge

. I used her bridge slide and decorated it with cut out felt puzzle pieces. They really enjoyed that. Next was 

Butterfly Forest

. I used a inflatable ball pit and covered it with a green felt sheet. I attached butterflies to the sheet. Finally, there was the 


, which I used her doll house. The enjoyed the Puzzle Bridge the most!

It was so much fun!

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