Home Renovations: Front Door and Patio Glass Doors

When we bought our house a couple months back, we knew there would be some things we would need to get started on sooner rather than later. Being that it was a foreclosure, there was definitely a list. The doors were the first thing we knew we would want to tackle since it was a lack of security (the sliding glass door locks were broken), as well as a loss of heat. We could barely watch TV in our family room because of the cold draft.

Once we got our tax return we didn't waste any time. We got an amazing deal on installation. We went through a referral recommendation from a friend. If you are looking for a guy that does windows and doors in the Chicago area let me know!

They did an amazing job. It took 3 guys and 5 hours!



We purchased the fiber glass door from The Home Depot. You can find the exact door


The hardware was purchased from Lowes.


So you see that super gross white film all over the windows? That gross film is actually inside the glass... not sure how it got there but its super annoying and such an eye sore. We went with Crestline for the sliding glass patio doors.


My favorite thing I love about the doors is the grilles that match the windows in the rest of the home. It really pulls the look together and provides that added feature that looks beautiful.

Doing these simple changes has really made a difference in the comfort of our home and its put value into it as well. We spent a total of $2,800 for the two patio doors, front door, hardware, and installation and it was well worth it!

The next project on the list is to finish the basement floors with an acid stain and sprucing up our deck! Check back for more home updates!!

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