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Hello Kitty Birthday!

It's been almost a month since this precious girl turned 6. This was a hard birthday for this mama. She is my oldest and I couldn't help but reminisce of when I turned 6. It's the earliest birthday I can remember of my own. I look back to that day that I turned 6 thinking I was changed and different. Thinking that I was growing up and I started to feel much older. LOL at only 6 I had those feelings.

Perhaps it was from this memory that this birthday for my little girl was a little tougher than the previous. The years are going by so fast and I'm just wanting to take a step back and enjoy the present.

My sweetheart has been so in love with Hello Kitty for some time now and I was excited to decorate her party for what she loved so much! We bought her this cute dress from Target and paired it with a pair of black leggings and the Hello Kitty hat. You can't see it now, but there is a Kitty on that hat.

Sweets Table

I generally don't like to give out candy at a birthday party. Yes... I am one of those moms that prefers non-sugar party favors but the colors and the idea just seemed so much easier this year. The kids always get a kick out of it, too. So it's a winner!

I found these cute polka dot take out boxes from the dollar spot at Target. The colors went well with the rainbow color theme. My wonderful friend


helped me with all the printables for this party including the lovely "thank you" sticker labels on the boxes. I filled the boxes with colored tissue left over from the

tissue tassel project


The Cake

I found a Hello Kitty cake pan on clearance months ago from Joann Fabrics. I used a marshmallow fondant for the white frosting. For the eyes, whiskers, and bow I used black and red sparkle icing. For the nose, I rolled up some of the marshmallow fondant and used some leftover yellow food coloring to paint it on the nose. Bella really loved the cake!!

Hello Kitty Fruit Skewers

I wish I could tell you where I saw this idea. Honestly, I found it years ago and it came to me when planning the party. I used the edible pens to draw the faces on the marshmallows.

Table Tent Food Labels

Denise also assisted in this department. She made me some custom food tents as well as some extra blank tents!

Those are a few details for our Hello Kitty Party! What do ya think?

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Mocktails and an easy DIY for New Year's Eve

Just because you're not drinking alcohol during this holiday season, there is no reason to not partake in some bubbly or fun festive drinks! What's even better is having a fun sparkly drink stirrer to go with your favorite mocktail.

Pink Fizzy


Pink Lemonade (I used the Organic Trader Joe's kind)

Ginger Ale

Frozen fruit (blueberries are shown in the picture)

I used a 50/50 ratio between the pink lemonade and ginger ale.

Add your frozen fruit for a garnish and to keep it cold.

Sparkly Stir Pick

long wooden skewer

sparkle poms (comes in assorted sizes. I used a 1/2 inch pom)

You can hot glue the pom pom on to the dull end of the skewer. This would be the most efficient method to keep the pom in place.


You can poke the skewer with the sharp end through the pom pom and slide it to the other end. Be careful not to poke yourself!

*you can also use pom poms on tooth picks for festive hors d'oeuvres.

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

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Ryleigh's 3rd Pony Birthday Party

My youngest turned 3 last month and I finally managed to get some pictures up of her party. It's been such a whirl wind lately with finishing up my degree, Girl Scouts, and work. I just have one week left to feel the freedom from school!!

She is in love with all things pony so naturally that was the theme. I a little down on myself because once the guests started arriving the camera was put down... even for the singing of the birthday song:(

I had vases of pink and cream gerbera daisies all around. It was such a pretty detail. I got the flowers at Trader Joe's. I just love their selection and they always have exactly what I am looking for.

Party favors were presented in paper goody bags. I cut a doily up in 4 quarters and used rubber cement to add them as an accent to the bags. The doilies were purchased from the Dollar Store. I used a chalk marker to write "Thank You" on each of the bags. You can pick those up at Walmart or a craft store.

I made the cake myself. I had this elaborate plan but when it came down to the night before and I didn't have the right cake pan I went with the tried and true 9 inch cake with the rose frosting details. This method of frosting is super easy to accomplish and everyone always compliments me on it. We had a left over pony from having extra party favors so that was part of the topper along with a "Ryleigh" sign. I used pink chevron straws, that I purchased from Walmart, as the poles to hold up the sign.

I think it turned out really cute!

I also added the sprinkled doughnut holes for fun and whimsy.

Cowboy and cowgirl hats were strung up for each kid to wear throughout the party.

The kids loved this idea! 

Where you can find this stuff....

Birthday banner : 


Cowgirl printable signs: 


Swirl suckers: Party City

Cowboy/cowgirl hats: Dollar Store

Cake topper pony & favor: Dollar Store

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Bella's Tangled Party

 I'm one of those amateur party planners. I see all these pretty party planning blogs and websites and I'm like a kid in the candy store. Perhaps, if I had an endless budget and all the time in the world to plan, I could accomplish one of those parties one day. For now, I like to dabble in planning my kids parties....

My girl has been obsessed with The Tangled movie since it came out and I have been excited to plan this one for a couple years! Last year, we threw her a Tinkerbell Neverland party. Mainly for the fact that, when I asked her what kind of party she wanted, Tinkerbell was the first thing to leave her mouth. Little did I know she would change her mind the next week, but I was committed to the idea once I started planning. This happens with little kids, don't you know? They change their mind on the last thing they can remember.

You may remember the invitations



Tangled Cupcake Tower

Party Favors

: Rapunzel Watercolor Paints (Target) Mini Canvas (Hobby Lobby) and Mini Easel (Hobby Lobby).

Jello boats

: I've seen this idea everywhere and I really loved the concept of jello for a side snack for the kiddies.

Flower Gleam and Glow.....

Canvas Painting

: I created this one myself! Who would like to see a tutorial on this?

Sneaker Peaker....

Photo bombing...


Pin the nose on Flynn Rider

. I had the kids draw their own noses on a separate sheet of paper. They all had a similar concept, that a nose resembled a pig nose.

Birthday Girl!!! She was all smiles about her party!

I hope you enjoyed this picture gallery of Bella's Tangled Party!!! How are you at party planning? Do you go all out or do you dread the party planning?

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Pink Backyard Bridal Shower

Pink Backyard Bridal Shower

White tents were set up for shade. We used potted inpatients to add an extra floral detail.

A great way to dress up a table setting is use real glassware. You can find them on sale or from the dollar store. It does make for added clean up but you are saving the environment and they are reusable for your next party.

*Tip: Since it was a hot day, we placed pitchers of lemon ice water on every table!

D.I.Y Party Favors and Table Decor

I purchased these small glasses from Ikea for 5.99 for 6. I went to home depot and purchased a couple of inpatients 6 for $1.99. I used etching cream to etched the couples monogram on the glassses. It's hard to see in this picture, but you can make out the L. 

The whole project took about a day and costed no more than $35! They made fabulous party favors and table decor. 

*Tip: You can create party favors that make excellent decorations and save on cost!

The Game: Dates in a Jar

I'm not too fond of the corny bridal shower games, I had a feeling the bride wasn't either. Instead, I wanted to create something heartfelt with guest participation. I put out a jar filled with writing utensils and strips of paper. The guest had an opportunity to write down a creative date idea for the soon-to-be married couple. Some of the ideas were very creative and some were pretty funny!

Coconut Cake and Sweet Treats

The bride loved the idea of a non traditional bundt cake. Her favorite is coconut, too! A great light alternative for a hot day!

Salad Bar and Yogurt Parfait

Are those champagne glasses? Yes, we served the fruit, granola and yogurt parfait's in champagne glasses!

The food served: 

Salad Bar w/ various toppings (Chicken, Shrimp, Steak)

Fruit Yogurt Parfait

Bagel Chips w/ dip

I love the idea of a salad bar as a light option at any afternoon shower! It was going to be hot and I wanted to serve something not too filling. You can totally dress it up with fancy options like shrimp or salmon. We had a fruit and spinach, Caesar and classic salad. It's easy to set up and you don't need to work about cooking!

What do you all think of the shower?

I will post the menu recipes and etched glass tutorial in another post! To keep update, make sure you subscribe and become a friend on Facebook!

Birthday Budget Challenge!!!

Early Birthday planning as usual... this one is for my most recent child's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am so excited to have another child to plan parties for.. I have been drumming my head about the theme for some time.... and bam it hit me ELMO!! The only character to make her burst out giggling just from a balloon.

So with the exciting events from this summer.. wedding, parties...ect and the upcoming vacations to Arizona in November and Walt Disney World in January, I need to set a budget and find some alternate methods of creating a stylish party.  

The Budget: $100.00!!!!! Wow this might be tough!

Of course, turning to my trusty Pinterest, I was able to search for some budget friendly was of incorporating some decoration into the plans. I shall take these into consideration.....

Check this one out here
elmo party decorations crayons - use this for tag display! cute!
A tissue pom birthday sign found by
The creator of tissue poms Martha Stewart!
or try something like this....
Found this at I like big bows.
and lastley, my favorate
Found this cute idea at

I will have to keep brainstorming to see how this party will turn out, but a great start to the cloud!

Party favors!

I started planning

Bella's second birthday party

early this year... real really, like


months. I had a lot of ideas and didn't want to be overwhelmed at the last minute.

In preparation for the party, I created these a

DORAble explorer backpacks

! They fit on my daughter perfectly! I created one for every child attending as a party favor goody bag.

I created the whole thing with felt. I used the 

Backpack and Map Template

 to create the facial details. I designed the shape and straps myself on a piece of paper.

I hope the kids get a kick out of them!

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