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Graduation Day!

After three years of family, home buying, child birth and mommying two kids, I have finally finished my Bachelor's degree! Perhaps the true joy has not quite been felt as this whole thing seems hazy and unreal. When you are used to a way of life for so long it's often something that sticks with you for awhile. The pseudo stress I now feel has slightly come to reality as my weekends are more for enjoyment and relaxation then writing papers.

Being an adult student has taught me so much. It's shown my persistence and resilience for the sake of my future and my family. I often hear about parents or the non-traditional student wishing to go back to school and better themselves. Usually, what immediately follows are the excuses as to why they can't make that happen.



I like my lifestyle.


Buying a house.


These are all reasons why a person convinces themselves that now is not the right time. Maybe next semester or next year... but that quickly approaches and there are new, if not the same, obstacles placed in one's way that yet again prevents then from just taking the first step.

I was able to juggle a newborn, raising two kids, working full time, multiple vacations, home buying, moving twice, and a social life all while my hubby was doing the same thing. If I can do it then you can do it.

It's a wonderful feeling having gone through all that we have and coming out on the other side achieving my goals! Did I mention I graduated Cum Laude? Don't give up on your dreams and goals not matter how far away they might seem!

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12 weeks to go

I'm really kinda stinking at this blogging thing lately. I've been so occupied by my capstone class and planning our first meeting as a Daisy Scout troop leader that things have fallen to the side. I will be so relieved and excited once I am finally done with school!!

12 Weeks to go!!!!

I only have 12 weeks left to complete my Bachelors degree. It seems like forever ago I was finally going back to finish up after taking a unintended 8 year break from my Associates. It's been about two and a half years since I went back and it's been non stop!

I've been a full time student through....
.... working full time birth to my second child.
....moving twice
... through 2 vacations
....being a first time home buyer and going through that agonizing process husband being a full time student too

If there is one thing that I have learned through this process it's that you can't put things on hold for school and you can put school on hold because of life. If I can make it through this, anyone can.

There really isn't any excuse.

Children. Work. Buying a home. Vacation. Not ready.

These are excuses I hear everyday as I advise grown adults to complete their education. I work in the education field and I know that people hold themselves back ALL THE TIME!

Don't let doubt, fear, or lack of self confidence talk you out of it.
Go for it!
If I can get my homework done from a hotel room while on our Disney vacation then so can you! Every time you say "I'll start next semester" is just a greater chance you won't start at all. So stop holding yourself back with whatever you want to accomplish in life, not just your education.

12 weeks and the countdown begins! I'm really ready to burst!
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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

The past 6 years have definitely been an uphill road for our family. We have worked very hard and sacrificed many things to get to the place we are today. I've come a long way from a being a pessimistic person. It's taken me some life lessons and some gratitude to realize being happy is all about your attitude, not your situation.

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How To Be An Adult Student

I am a working mama to two little girls. On top of my 40 hours a week, I have been in school for about a year now, to finish up my Bachelor's degree. My husband is also taking classes too!!!

Yes, that's right... 2 full time jobs. 2 full time parents and 2 full time adult students!!!

I always intended to finish up my degree before I had kids. Clearly, life did not work out that way. I am blessed to work for a company that offers 100% tuition free education for both my husband and I, one of the perks of working for a higher education institution!! When searching for jobs, this was my main goal. I didn't want the debt that everyone else had and I was determined to finsih our degrees.

I think we have set the tone about education for our children. Bella often sits down with her work book and says "I'm doing homework like you mommy!" She takes pride in it and I'm glad to example the importance of it!

 Don't let my goals fool you, this situation isn't easy. In fact,

is sucks

!!! I am burnt out and I can't stand the work, but I know that isn't an excuse to not finish, even though I have really contemplated quitting. Many people ask "how do you guys do it?". My only response is "you do what you gotta do!"

1. It's going to be hard, very hard and you need to keep the end result in mind every time you want to quit. If you can face this fact, you can do it!
2. Evenings are prime time for school work. The hubby and I take turns and rotate on putting the girls to bed and school work. There is rarely an evening that one of us is not doing school work.
3. There is still time for family!!!! My husband and I take our kids on a family bike ride 3 days out of the week. In addition, we make sure we are spending quality time with our girls on movie nights and park days. I think my kids get to go to the park more than most... which is a great opportunity to study!
4. Weekends are not as relaxing as they used to be. No, they are filled with the juggling of getting piled up laundry done, grocery shopping, school assignments, maybe a family activity and house cleaning. Gone are the days that I can sit back on the couch and watch my shows... oh how I miss my shows.
5. You have time, you just have to find it. We have more time than we think... I don't care how busy you think you are, my daughter has gymnastics activities... we still fit in the occasionally family bike ride. I try and fit some school work in on my lunches and the little time here and there. Don't kid your self... you will fill up every moment, but think of the outcome?
6.Think of the grand scheme of things. You are doing this for a greater purpose, so those moments where you have had enough... you need to stay motivated! Maybe you need to cut back on classes but don't give up... the second you stop taking classes you will never go back!
7. Online options are the way to go. Despite the bad rap they have gotten, there are several options that can help you achieve your educational goals. Do your research and make sure they have the accreditation. Know what your looking for in a school too! Mandatory log in times? On site testing?  I've done mine completely online and there is never a specific time I have to be online. I write my school schedule and I could have never done it any other way!
Posted on June 11, 2013 .