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Tissue Tassel Garland

My daughter's 6th birthday party was this past weekend and I'm excited to start sharing some of the deets with you. The first detail I wanted to share in a post all its own was the tissue tassel garland!

I've been dying to make one of these and the color scheme just seemed to fit so well. This is also something perfect for spring, Easter, or an "

April Showers

" baby shower theme! I love the pastel rainbow colors!.

Materials used

tissue paper in assorted colors

crafting thread


hot glue gun

Step One:

Fold your tissue paper in half twice.

Step Two:

Along the second fold cut tissue paper in half. Put one half aside. Fold the other piece of tissue in half length wise aka hot dog.

Step three:

Fold over a 1 inch flap. This is to help guide you when cutting so you don't cut too much.

Step Four:

Cut length wise starting at the folded corner. Cut about a 1/4 - 1/2 inch apart. Do not cut into the folded area.

Step Five:

Open up the folded tissue and cut on the folded edge from top to bottom to form two separate pieces of tissue.

Step Six:

Set one piece aside and unfold the other piece of tissue.

Step Seven:

Roll the tissue paper.

Step Eight:

GENTLY twist the tissue starting at the center and twisting an inch in each direction.

Step Nine:

Make a small loop and begin twisting the already rolled tissue paper together adding a dab of hot glue as you go. Add a dab of hot glue at the start of the loop, at the end, and throughout the twisting to ensure a secure set.

Step Ten:

complete the process with as many tissue tassels as you like. Once you have assembled the amount you desire, fluff them down so none of the tassels are curled up. String them on the crafting thread and hang in a fun place!

This is such an inexpensive and easy craft to add some fun and festive color to your season or occasion. I love the versatility with the colors and you can save the tassels and stitch it throughout the year.

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Valentine Canvas Paintings

Who loves a girl's craft night? I do, I do!!! A couple weeks ago I indulged in a much needed crafting girl's night. I love doing crafts and it's much more fun when you are with someone. My friend


joined me in the fun! We went the Valentines decoration route for this craft evening.

Originally, I had much smaller canvases purchased for this project but my little girls were jealous and I didn't want them to feel left out.... or whining the whole evening. I already had these larger canvases stored in the closet, so I gave the girls the smaller ones and I opted for the larger.

These were both done with a free hand. Okay, maybe those diamonds were traced from a cut out but the chevron and heart were definitely free hand.  If you can notice the heart shape is slightly off and not centered... I'm my own critic.

Materials used:

Acrylic paint (Black, metallic gold and pink)


Gold glitter

Rose pink glitter (this glitter was awesome)

Mod Podge



and the heart are coated in glitter. I first painted the lettering and the heart. Once it was dry, I went over it with the Mod Podge and sprinkled the glitter all over. It was messy! I softly jiggled the canvas around to make sure the glitter covered all the area and emptied out the excess glitter onto a piece of paper.

I really liked the way theses pieces looked on the fireplace mantel. I do think the smaller canvases would have worked a little better but it was worth it when the little ones were so excited to be participating in the crafts. Happy Valentines Day!

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Valentines: Date Night Bucket List!

A friend of mine from work had mentioned how her hubby took it upon himself to do the sweetest thing ever! He created her a bucket list of dates.

When I told my hubby about the idea, he was equally excited as I was. Together we created a list of 48 exciting dates to liven up our marriage and put the spark back into date night!

I decided to take it a step further and surprise him on V-Day... Shhhh I pasted the bucket list on the inside of a smash book I created. This way we can check them off one by one and have the memories all in one place! I hope you all have a very fun filled Valentine's Day!!

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Display Wedding Memories with a Shadow Box

I was looking for ways to display some of my things from my wedding. I wanted to use our invitation, program and some dried flowers from my bouquet. I found this deep shadow box at a home goods store for 15 bucks! Here's what I was able to design....

I used my pins from the bouquet to stabilize the stationary. I hot glued the dried flowers after careful dissembling of the bouquet and rearranging them. Key word here is


! These are delicate dried flowers that can snap easily!

Whats great about this idea is that you can use anything from any special event. If you want to use a bridal handkerchief, jewelery, special notes and photographs, the options are limitless! What are some of your ideas for keeping and displaying those memorable events?

Posted on December 5, 2013 and filed under Create.