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Letter Recognition and Dollar Store Finds!

I don't know if you know this but... I am in love with the Dollar Tree and it's wonderful educational resources!!! I always feel like I am getting a steal! This week I was dying to show you a game I came across while I went foraging through a pin. At the very bottom I can across Frog Face-off!!! We are just happening to work on association between the upper and lowercase, so this was perfect!!!!

In addition to this wonderfully educational game, I found some workbooks!!!
Here is one we worked on today! Number recognition and matching!
In the bottom corner of her page she wanted to draw me a heart! We are working on shapes too!
I love the teacher corner at the Dollar Tree!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! 
I hope you all have a great weekend and maybe I will post some pictures while on vacation!! We leave tomorrow for sunny Florida and Disney!!

Employment Rejection

Taking time off of having a full time job, to spend time raising my child, has definitely put me in the dark to our current economy. Of course, I would watch the news and keep up with my yahoo news. I heard reports of unemployment, foreclosures.... It wasn't until I actually devoted my efforts to find a full time job again, that I realized this job market really SUCKS!

I have been trying for about a year now. Really, just recently these past couple months have I devoted some serious time and effort to the search. I have sent out over a hundred resumes and applications. Of those inquires I received maybe 15 call backs, all which landed me an interview. Of those interviews I received ZERO job offers! A couple of the interviews I even had an inside employee recommend me. I've gone over my resume several times, spent too many hours to count preparing for interviews. Its very hard to stand out when 400 other candidates are up for the same position with similar credentials. I'm really not being picky with the type of job, or the wage. There are just not enough jobs for the people who are looking for one.

So I'm going back to school, or at least inquiring about it.
Posted on March 1, 2011 .