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When Siblings Fight

I'm not usually one of those Moms that gets excited for back to school. I love the time I have together with my kids and I'm trying to take it all in and what time they have left being young. This summer was a little... well... we will call it different.

Never Stop Praying

Do you ever just get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that the ball is about to drop? I do, a lot. Our family has had its share of stress. I can never just feel like things are right because at any time it can be taken away.

I get that feeling every year before Bella's cardiology visit. Each year I've been reassured that the world is functioning normal and it's just a symptom of my crazy anxiety.

This year it was not so reassuring. This visit, the annual visit is now increased to 6 months... that is never a good sign when the doctor wants to see you more often. I sat there listening to my husband's voice over the phone and the tears began to swell up. She wasn't doing so well anymore and the worst began to appear in my mind.

The loss of a child is the worst kind of loss out there and I can't begin to imagine the feeling. If this was only a fraction then it would probably kill me. Yes, I'm jumping to the extreme. Realization that this situation is getting worse, never to get better until a surgery, is frightening. The chest pains were not from a chest cold, they were a symptom of the worsening of her condition.

Sometimes you forget that you have a child with "special needs" like a heart condition. Sometimes you just think that they will grow up strong and healthy to an old age. You forget through all the normalcy and good times.

You take the normalcy for granted.

Sometimes I blame my lack of prayers in the past year and a half. There shouldn't be blame in this situation. I can't help but feel accountability. I forgot how life was precious and to ask for God's grace and healing. It's those little things we take for granted. We need to not only pray when we want or need but when we are grateful and fulfilled or when things are going just fine.

The Favorite One

It's always a question us Moms hate to admit. As a Mom of two young girls, I've always believed that no Mom could get along with all of her children equally. I'm not talking about loving your children, I'm talking about getting along with them. I do believe that Moms love all their children to the same extent. But, when it comes to who we actually get along with, there are kids that are more drawn to their parents than others.

For starters, my girls are still pretty young (5 and 2 1/2 years old). They are just developing their personalities and my oldest just started kindergarten. I can't honestly say in my heart that there is one that I'm drawn to the most at this point in time, but I'm not dumb to the fact that it may very well happen.

Growing up, we always knew who the favorite sibling was. I don't think my Mom loved them anymore than me but she had her favorite. He was a favorite to everyone in the family, which is why I didn't blame her. I don't believe I've ever let it really affect me. I don't hold any jealousy or resentment about it. It just is what it is.

So... with all that being said, how does a Mother deal with the grandparent’s favorite? How does the parent deal when a grandparent favors one grandchild over another, especially when the two opposing kids are both your children? This is something I have been struggling with, trying to wrap my brain around. It's hard because it's hurtful to my daughter. 

I hate for my child to have to go feeling unloved by their grandparent. It's devastating when it's so present and you feel the heartbreak as it's happening right before your eyes but what do you say? It's not like one is spoiled with more gifts than the other. It's so simple that it can be objected and denied. It's in the way one looks, talks, responds and physically shows affection.

When I child goes to hug a grandparent and they don't receive a hug back, what is the child to do? It's hard when you see it and its even heart wrenching when the kids acknowledge it, too. 

I wish a gentle conversation would work in this situation but it hasn't and at this point I can't force someone to feel something they don't. So it is what it is. I'm a strong believer in people creating their own situations and this will unfortunately stick with my daughter. 

One day, when they wake up and realize the situation they have created, they have no one else to blame but themselves because you can't expect a young child to develop and cope with these type of feelings like an adult would. We all make our own beds and the reactions we have to other people are what we have to live with. We can't expect a situation to be one way when we are not willing to work for it.

What would you do in a situation like this?

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Outdoor kids photography Ideas

There is something therapeutic about a camera and nature. You can sit there for hours trying to capture the right picture, taking hundreds of shots. Then like magic, you find that perfect, simple setting and the pictures just start to role. 

Sometimes it can seem impossible to take a decent focused picture of my little munchkins. It ease up this challenge, my kids do better in a more natural setting. We took our time on this photo shot because I really wanted the natural wonder and expression to shin through, rather than a forced smile and pose. A simple setting with less distraction works best. Let them get the wiggles out beforehand so they are more focused.

1. A fun tree to bring out the adventure in their eyes.

2. Sitting beside a flowing stream while skipping rocks. 

3. An enchanting path of greener

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Congenital Heart Walk 2014 - Please donate!

Dear Family and Friends:
As many of you know, on March 12th, 2009, My little Bella was only a few days old and was having her first heart surgery. By the grace of God, our little one has been doing so well despite these minor set backs. We are so fortunate and blessed to have her in our lives! To recognize this important time in our lives, we are starting Team De La Rosa to benefit the Congenital Heart Walk. I would like to ask for your support by either joining the team or sending in your tax-deductible donation today!

Here are just some of the facts: Nearly two million children and adults are living with a congenital heart defect (CHD) in the United States. Each year approximately 40,000 babies are born with a CHD, making it the country� #1 birth defect. At least 10% of all congenital heart defects are first found in adulthood. Thanks to increases in survival rates, the number of adults living with a CHD rises by 5% a year and adults with CHDs are living longer, fuller lives than ever before. Your support will continue our progress.

The Congenital Heart Walk is an exciting joint effort between the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) and the Children� Heart Foundation (CHF)! This effort will raise funds to help both organizations continue their missions to address the needs of both the newly diagnosed and long-term survivors of congenital heart defects, in a truly inspirational day of sharing, caring and fun.

As you have read, fighting congenital heart defects for our family is personal. Please support our efforts by joining the team or making a donation today!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Congenital Heart Walk

Thank you all in advance and I appreciate your support over the past 5 years!

Magical Mondays: My Disney Bucket List

Even though I have been here over a dozen times, there are still a few things I have not been able to experience personally or with my family.

For this week's Magical Mondays, I am highlighting my bucket list for our Disney Vacation in September.

Disney Vacation Bucket List

(Some of these I've already done but are worth the repeat!)

1. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique with the girls

2. French Restaurant in Paris - Epcot, World Showcase

3. The New Snow White Ride.. Just opened up!

4. Belle's Castle and Be Our Guest restaurant

5. Dole Whip in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom.

6. Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom

7. Hollywood and Vine Character Breakfast - Hollywood Studios

8. Embroidered Mickey Ears w/ the names for the whole family

9. The Christmas shop in Downtown Disney

10. Downtown Disney shopping... I need a new coffee mug!

11. Character photo ops and signatures (the last trip Bella really got into this!)

12. Going on the Dumbo Ride with my youngest

13. The new Fantasyland Parade

14. Visit Tom Sawyers Island

15. Afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian... they have a tea party for the little ones!

16. Enjoy a Gourmet cupcake from the Magic Kingdom (Chesire Cafe and pretty much every other park)

17. Enjoy a brownie sundae at the Ghiradelli Soda Shop

18. Eat and enjoy the music at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney

19. Eat and Drink my way around the World Showcase

20. Climb through the Swiss Family Tree House

21. Sport matching family vacation tees- I know this one is corny

22. Disney Junior Live on Stage

at Hollywood Studios

23. Let the the wiggles at Honey I Shrunk The Kids play yard

24. Camp out at Fort Wilderness

25. The Hubby pulling the Sword out of the Stone in Magic Kingdom

There are endless things to do at Walt Disney World resort, so it's important to plan in advance and know what you want to see and do. Otherwise, you will miss out on some of the timed parades and shows. I'm all for just winging it but this really is not a place you go to without a plan... unless you go multiple times:).

She Talks To Angels

Her guardian angel that is....

Do you ever reach out and talk to your angel? Do you believe you have one?

I often find comfort in talking with and journaling to my angel. Wouldn't you want to communicate with something that watches over you or your children? Last summer we were in the process of buying a home and my guardian angel received plenty of letters. Letters of hope and asking favors.  I truly believe they were listening because miracles were made.

I often wonder if they are lonely and eager for us to reach out. I want to hug them and sit down on a sunny afternoon and have coffee with them. I want to thank them for keeping an eye out for my little girls. I want to buy them a gift on during the holidays, like we do our teachers and childcare givers.

Each night I lay my daughters down for bed and I ask "who should we pray to tonight:" Bella usually responds with "Jesus!" Last night she replied with our guardian angels. It touched my heart as she was thoughtfully thanking and sending her prayers to them that evening.

 My daughter painted this picture with watercolors, she's not a fan of crayons. Originally it was suppose to be a flower, but when I look closer it reminded me of an ANGEL. Do you see it?

Our Guardian Angel Prayer 
Angel of God
My guardian dear
To Whom His love
Commits me here
Ever this day
Be at my side
To light and guard
To rule and guide.

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Welcome Home Wednesdays

Our Disney Trip 2013: Part 1

These pictures are a little late but I wanted to share our amazing trip with you all!!!

We went at the end of January and the weather was wonderful but slightly cold for swimming(we did anyways!).

Disney Beach Club

The Pirate ship with the slide!

We stayed at the Disney's Beach Club Resort, part of the Vacation Club!! The Villas were very spacious! Our favorite part... The pool!!!

How do they do that... the

sandy beach

pool? Surprisingly super clean too. Bella could sit there and build sand castles all day! Another thing I loved about the resort was that it was right off the Boardwalk and short walk to Epcot! Yes, we could walk to the back entrance of Epcot, without any lines and start in the World Showcase right by France!! One of the evenings Grandma and Grandpa offered to watch the kiddos and the hubs and I had a date night through World Showcase! We had coffee and chocolate croissants in France!

Animal Kingdom

We started off our first full day at Animal Kingdom! I knew the girls were really going to enjoy this park. We got on the safari ride right as it opened! This is the best time for this ride. I have been on this attraction more times I can count and this was by far the best time!! We got to see all the animals!

I saw this cure garden scape as we left the Festival of the Lion King!

 Bella really got a kick out of the African musicians! She became pretty shy when the guy started smiling at her.

Hollywood Studios and Epcot

We didn't really spend much time at these two parks. By mid day the kiddies were cranky and hungry and all Bella wanted to do was swim. Here are some of the photo ops I remembered to get.

If any of you get a chance, I highly recommend stopping at the

Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground

!! I've always loved this attraction and it gives the kids a chance to run around and blow off some steam in a giant backyard playground just like the movie!!! Bella really enjoyed this.

Ride along with the giant ant or climb in a "spider web"


Bella wasn't too excited about the Sea's with Nemo and Friends ride. I think she was more afraid of the sharks. We sort of had to


 convince her that it would be fun.

See her enthusiasm?

 Afterwards was fun... you can read all about it



It never stops amazing me at the little things she finds so much joy in. There was a fountain in Epcot, Bella thought it would be fun to just run through it. On a normal day I would have yelled and tried to stop her from soaking her clothes and shoes but today I was a little more carefree. I did manage to convince her to put her swimsuit on, but by that time it was a little too late...

Reminds me of something I have once done... although I wasn't so young:)

Stay tuned for Part 2 with Magic Kingdom and Character greetings!!! Oh there are so many pictures to share!

My Memories Scrapbooking Software GIVEAWAY!!

Happy MLK day!! To celebrate and kick off the week, we have a giveaway!
I am so pumped to have my very first GIVEAWAY!! I was asked to try out this wonderful software called My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software. It could not have came at a better time with our upcoming Walt Disney vacation ! Considering I haven't been able to finish the scrapbook pages from our last vacation 2 1/2 years ago, I think I need to give the digital scrapbook method a try.

Come to think of it, my hubby is a big fan of the digital memory keeping!! Last Mother's day he created me this very sweet digital book with pictures of the girls!! So cute! I've been thinking of creating family year books!! How cool would that be?

So... I played around a bit to show you all how easy it is to create a page in no time!! My favorite thing is all the different kits available! You can also you your own digital graphics if you have purchased some in the past!!! The tools are so easy to manage, I didn't even need a "how to" or tutorial!!

I am offering you a free My Memories Suite software to try for yourself!! Woo hoo a giveaway! Check out the site and enter below! Let me know what your favorite digital kit is?!?!

promo code: STMMMS70434

A pea in the pod

It's official... I'm pregnant again!!! It came as a surprise but we are very happy and feel extremely blessed! My due date is January 2nd, maybe a New Years baby?!?! As of this week I am 16 weeks!

This pregnancy has already been so different then the last. I have my hunch as to the sex, but I'll save that for later. I was correct with the first one, so we will see. I am not as nearly sick or as tired as before. Thank God for that. However, I have been a little more light-headed and dizzy.

It's all been surreal. At times I can't even believe I am pregnant. Like it's all been a dream.

One thing that I do know, is that you forget. You forget the feelings, the sympotoms. You forget everthing and then you have to pull out old faithful... "what to expect when you are expecting"

I need to start bargain hunting now for some maternity wear! Check back for the lastest in prego styles and deals!!!
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