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Easy Paper Carnation Corsage!


This was such a sweet idea that the girls to made for our Mother's Day tea party. It's also Daisy level approved for their little hands and they can complete this in under 10 minutes!


  • 2 - 6 inch strips of white ribbon
  • 2 - 6 inch strips of yellow ribbon
  • 2 inch Yellow circles from construction paper or card stock (2 per girl)
  • 12 in yellow ribbon
  • Glue
  • 5 cupcake liners ( we used white)
  • Brass paper brads
  • Pin or brooch pins (optional if you do a boutonniere)

What you do...

  1. Have the girls put their name on one of the yellow circles and turn facing down toward the table. Put some glue on top of the circle and lay the 2 white pieces of ribbon making a v shape starting from the middle of the circle and extending past the yellow paper.
  2. Add a dab of glue on top of the white ribbons and lay the yellow ribbons on top.
  3. Add another dab of glue and take the other yellow circle and place directly on top like you are sandwiching the ribbons between the 2 yellow circles. Set aside to dry.
  4. Take your brass brad and one of your cupcake liners. Punch the brad through the center of the liner with the liner coning the flat back. Do this with the rest of the cupcake liners. Open up your brass brad.
  5. Fold and crinkle the liners closed to look like a blooming flower. Start with the first liner and fold and crinkle one by one around the previous liner. It doesn't need to be perfect because each flower is unique.
  6. Glue the flat bottom of the cupcake liners onto the center of your yellow circle and allow to dry completely (couple hours).
  7. For a corsage: take a 12 inch strip of ribbon and glue at the middle of the ribbon to the bottom of the carnation so you can tie it around a wrist. For a boutonniere: You can use a single pin or you can hot glue brooch pins to the back to create a pin. 



I thought this was such a cute idea and easy for any kid to do. It makes a great Mother's day gift too!

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Daisy Scout Love Tubes: Zinni Considerate and Caring Petal

I loved this idea so much! All the girls were so excited and the parents loved it too!!!

It was part of a Valentines celebration but this can really be done so many different ways all throughout the year.

Love Tubes:


  • Crystal light tubes (shown in  pictures), toilet paper or paper towel roll use resources wisely!
  • craft paper
  • Pencil, Markers or crayons (to write with)
  • fun stickers
  • Red Sharpi
  • cloth squares (2 for each tube) *if your using toilet paper rolls
  • rubber bands (2 for each tubes) *if your using toilet paper rolls
  • tape or washi tape

Using toilet paper rolls-cut your craft paper to the size of your paper roll. Enough to wrap around the tube and an extra half inch. Use tape to secure the paper. If you have some extra on the ends you can fold it over the role. Seal one end with a piece one of the square cloths and a rubber band.

For everything else- Have each girl put her name on their tube with the sharpi marker.

Cut out strips of craft paper for the girls to write their notes on. I suggest a width of  inch. Length will depend on the size of your tube.

Start with one of your girls and have each of the girl scout sisters write something nice on a strip of the craft paper. It can be one word or a sentence. **I actually wrote out several different words for the girls to use in case they got stuck. Having the words in front of them or on a sheet of paper will help with the spelling and keep the notes a surprise!

When the girls are done writing their "caring" notes, have them put them in the girls tube and seal it up with the lid. If using a toilet paper roll,  use the other piece of cloth and rubber band. Have each girl decorate their own tube with stickers or washi tape and they're done!

Don't let the girls read them until they get home or the end of the meeting. It can be a surprise!

Make sure you complete one for each girl scout in the troop even if she is not present. Our girls really loved this idea and it was a nice self-esteem booster!


Girl Scout Daisies Holiday Meeting: Ornament Making

Happy Holidays!!!!

We had our 5th meeting of the year this past week. I wanted to keep it low key as it's close to the holidays but also have some fun!

We opened up the meeting as usual in our Daisy Circle. We recapped on our Cookie Goals from last meeting and said the Girl Scout Promise and practiced the Girl Scout Law. Then we went straight into the fun activities!

Girl Scout Daisy Ornament

What you need:

Green pipe cleaners

Green and White pony beads

Blue flower bead

ribbon to hang on the tree

hole puncher

Print out for your daisy troop.You can download the publisher file I created here: 

Daisy Ornament Tag

I set out a couple of plates with both the white and green pony beads. I handed each girl a blue bead and myself and a couple of adults helped the girls string the beads on the green pipe cleaners. 

Once the girls had the desired number of beads (15 on each side worked best) we twisted the pipe cleaners and trimmed the edges. I twisted them a couple of times to ensure they would stay. 

Then you string the ribbon around the twisted area and make a knot. 

Slide the hole punched tag through the ribbon and make another knot to keep it in place. 

Lastly, make another knot at the ends to create a hoop that can allow the ornament to hang on the tree.

What do ya think?

Our second activity we decorated snowflake sugar cookies with white icing and blue shining sprinkles. I put out a couple of ramekins of different toppings through out the table and we passed around the bag of icing to each girl. I would have liked to have another bag of icing to speed up the process as we have ten girls but surprisingly the girls were pretty patient.

The girls had so much fun doing these two activities and it took up the full hour for the meeting. We also played some festive music in good party fashion. You can serve snacks or cookies and milk. We did not because our meetings are in the evenings and as parents voted it was best not to feed them that late.

If you would like other ideas...

Girl Scout Christmas Ornament!  Materials Needed: 20

This idea is super cute: 

Tree ornament with beads

Pipe Cleaner Trees Christmas Craft for Train Sets and Small Worlds from Play Trains!

This one is my favorite!

Check out Play Trains website: 

DIY pipe cleaner trees

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and have fun with your little Girl Scouts!!

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