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Top 7 Reasons Why We Feel Tired and Sleepy After a Great Meal: Jen from

Hey Friends!!

I'm letting Jen from take over the blog today as our guest blogger! Jenny Duvon is a huge Marvel fan. If you are going to a Comic-Con this year, you may find here there. Besides her hobby, she has a great taste for food. During the weekends she love's to explore and try new dining places. 

You’ve just indulged in the meal of a lifetime, and a short while later you feel sleepy. Your eyelids dip, and the fact that you are checking out mattresses on random websites is not helping either. Does that ring a bell?

A natural tick and lice deterrent and tips on lice prevention... eek!

It seems that there has been an outbreak of these little buggers in the general Chicago area, including my daughter's school! Last year alone we had several letters sent home... you know the one I'm talking about.... Want to inform you that there has been a reported case of lice in your child's classroom.... 

Well.... this year we were not able to escape it! She got lice... yuck!!

Let me start off by explaining some of the misconceptions about lice.... 

People who get lice are dirty: Um, no. It does NOT mean that you are dirty or unwashed... In fact, you could wash your hair a million times and these suckers would still thrive, because they can hold their breath for hours on end!

Pets carry lice: FALSE! I blamed it on the dog too until I found this out.

I'm not itchy, I must not have it: Just because you don't itch doesn't mean you don't have them. 

It can be cured with over the counter shampoo: hahahaha that's an ugly lie. If you think you just need to rinse with this shampoo and your done, you need to think again. SOMETIMES this method works but if you are solely hoping for a miracle in this method you will be grossly disappointed. 

Suffocate them with oil: We tried this with olive oil and a shower cap. Slept in it overnight and kept it in for a good 12 hours. I stained my pillows and my face broke out but the lice were still there.

Now let me give you the reality...

These creatures on non discriminators, they just want to populate

It's so gross

It's such a pain in the butt

You wouldn't wish this upon your evil nemesis.

Really, it's just bugs in your hair. They don't present any real threat or spread any diseases, just the concept is enough to make your skin crawl, literally.

You need to report it!! People get so ashamed and they want to hid it and the reality is, what if you did spread it? Some poor soul might now be walking around (not necessarily itching) and carry it. Now YOU are more likely to catch it, again! Serves you right if you aren't reporting it! LOL kidding! You're also doing parents a favor of not having that kid spread it to the entire family, because that is a nightmare! With lice, sharing is caring only when it comes to information, NOT HATS!

It takes time and patience to get rid of these pests. It takes a very good eye and a nit comb to successfully get them out.

That means picking each and every last one out by hand.

DAY after DAY for about a week. And then doing the process all over again just to be safe because I'm OCD about it. We did use the over the counter shampoo to at least demobilize the live bugs while we picked them out but it certainly didn't kill them all and it's reported that they have now become more resistant to the shampoo. 

The first initial comb out took 5 hours per child. Get the coloring books and iPad ready. You can use hair gel or conditioner to help run the comb through so the nits come out. I mixed together coconut conditioner, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil. Tea Tree Oil acts as a repellent. Apply it to the scalp and then section off the head with bobby pins or clips. Sectioning off the head is very helpful!

Use gloves while working with conditioner or gel. Wipe your comb after EVERY run through. Remember, I said this was a pain in the butt! It's also very tedious. 

Once you have gone through the entire head of hair, manually go through each section again and REALLY inspect. You will find more...promise ;).

Then give it a good shampoo and blow dry hair. It's said that heat can kill the nits. Once you have dried the hair, get into a good area where light is bright ( outside in the sun is best) and look through that head AGAIN. Pull those nits out. 

The days following, make sure to check for more nits. I went through their hair twice a day and found a few stragglers. If you notices just a couple here and there you probably just missed a few in the first comb out. If you start to notice more nits then you might have missed a live bugger, which is why you will repeat the process in 8-10 days.

Don't forget to wash all jackets and bedding in hot hot water. They say a good vacuuming and housecleaning will do the trick with the rest of the house. I would recommend replacing your brush and bagging up any hair accessories for 2 weeks. Store away any stuffed animals as well and spray the back of car seats (bet you didn't think of that one).

Overall, lice won't invest a house. They need human blood to survive so they won't be hangin out anywhere else unless they happen to fall out and will shortly die after.

Nitpicker will have a new meaning to you!


Ways to prevent them from infesting or coming back...

1) Use a Tea Tree Tonic solution (also deters ticks!)

2) Use preventative shampoo

3) Braid long hair

4) Educate your kids on not sharing hats, scarves, hair accessories, jackets, and Girl Scouts vests!

I wish you good luck and I hope that you never ever have to experience in your household. Tree Tree is an effective repellent to discourage those nesters from taking up a home in your child's head. It also helps with ticks, too. So if you are going for a hike or CAMPING, spray some of the tea tree tonic on before you go out!

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Chicken Lime Avocado Soup

Hey there!

I'm really excited to share this recipe with you today! I made this last week for the hubby and I. To my surprise, my 6 year old diva also enjoyed this soup too! I always find it amazing when she is willing to try something other than her normal kid staples. As the soup was cooking on the stove she pointed her nose up and took in a deep sniff and goes " ahhh it smells so good"!

With that being said,  I would like to say this is KID APPROVED! This is also an acceptable recipe if you are currently doing the Fast Metabolism Diet during phase three. This is a super easy recipe and doesn't take long at all. 

Makes 6 servings


1.5 pounds of boneless skinless chicken. I used the chicken tender strips, about 10 of them.

5 cloves of minced garlic

3-4 Roma tomatoes, seeded and chopped

2 14 oz containers of low sodium chicken broth

1 cup of diced yellow onion

1/3 cup of freshly chopped cilantro

2 seeded and minced jalapeno (You can add more for spice. This soup is very mild if not any spice so totally tolerable for kids)

3/4 teaspoon cumin

2 tablespoons olive or coconut oil

2-3 limes

3-4 avocados

Sea salt

Fresh ground pepper

Optional: shredded chihuahua cheese and/or sour cream and/or tortilla chips

What you do...

In a large pot heat 2 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil over medium heat. Add your onion and jalapeno and saute until caramelized and tender, about 2-3 minutes. 

Add in the garlic and saute for 1 minute. This is about the time your house starts to smell awesome!

Add in chicken broth, tomato, cumin, and salt and pepper to taste. Add in your chicken and bring to a boil. Once you have reached a boil reduce heat to low to medium and let it simmer for 8-10 minutes. You will want the lower end of that time if you are using chicken strips like myself. For a chicken breast you want to cook for at least 10 minutes. 

Once chicken has cooked through, remove from your pot and set aside to rest for 5-10 minutes. After you have let your chicken set, take a fork and knife and shred your chicken. *I feel that the chicken tender strips shred easier than the chicken breasts.

Return your shredded chicken into the pot of soup and add your cilantro. 

Now you are Ready to serve!

Serve soup with a fresh lime squeeze on the side. This allows each guest to add their desired amount of lime. Some will like it more tangy than others but whats great is you can personally make it how you like it. It's also fun for the kids. I would recommend about 2 lime wedges per serving along with half an avocado.

Don't forget your optional toppings as well!

I hope you guys enjoy this amazingly healthy and fresh recipe! I know our family loved it!

xoxo, Katie

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Staying Healthy in the Winter Months

I've never really gotten the flu shot as an adult. I know many people that swear by it. The one year my family (excluding me) by accident got the flu shot (the hubby was in charge of this) they all ended up getting dreadfully sick. I however, despite taking care of each one of them, did not get sick. Now, I'm no doctor and there is always a risk but I think I've done pretty well without it.

Staying healthy is especially important in the winter months. Now that I am pregnant, I want to be extra careful. It's said that in pregnancy your immune system is not at its fullest. So here are my tips and tricks on staying healthy when everyone else around you is getting caught up in the flu season.

Go Green


For the extra healthy boost and vitamins, add a green juice to your routine. I like to drink mine in the morning about a half hour before I eat breakfast. Don't forget to chew your juice:) Here is a great go to recipe...

Juice the following...

2 cups of pineapple

2 oranges

2 cucumbers

5 leafs of kale

1/2 inch of peeled fresh ginger root (a little goes a long way)

*Stir in a teaspoon of turmeric after you have juiced for an added punch and extra immune boost!

For more healthy recipes check out

. They have some amazing ideas!!

De-Stress with Yoga

Exercise and de-stressing are important in keeping your body and your immune system intact. Stress has been linked to illnesses and increases the likelihood of you getting sick so keep that stress level down by a regular yoga routine.

You don't need to go to a yoga class at your gym to accomplish this. Buy a Yoga video and do it at home anytime!

When I first started out I used this beginners yoga video and I highly recommend it! The video I used was

Beginning Yoga with Chrissy Carter


How do you keep healthy in the winter? Do you have a special remedy or routine?

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