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Valentine Canvas Paintings

Who loves a girl's craft night? I do, I do!!! A couple weeks ago I indulged in a much needed crafting girl's night. I love doing crafts and it's much more fun when you are with someone. My friend


joined me in the fun! We went the Valentines decoration route for this craft evening.

Originally, I had much smaller canvases purchased for this project but my little girls were jealous and I didn't want them to feel left out.... or whining the whole evening. I already had these larger canvases stored in the closet, so I gave the girls the smaller ones and I opted for the larger.

These were both done with a free hand. Okay, maybe those diamonds were traced from a cut out but the chevron and heart were definitely free hand.  If you can notice the heart shape is slightly off and not centered... I'm my own critic.

Materials used:

Acrylic paint (Black, metallic gold and pink)


Gold glitter

Rose pink glitter (this glitter was awesome)

Mod Podge



and the heart are coated in glitter. I first painted the lettering and the heart. Once it was dry, I went over it with the Mod Podge and sprinkled the glitter all over. It was messy! I softly jiggled the canvas around to make sure the glitter covered all the area and emptied out the excess glitter onto a piece of paper.

I really liked the way theses pieces looked on the fireplace mantel. I do think the smaller canvases would have worked a little better but it was worth it when the little ones were so excited to be participating in the crafts. Happy Valentines Day!

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Fireplace Alternatives and Mantel Decor

When we were house hunting a year ago, it was one of the things "on the list".

When we found our home, it sadly lacked this feature.

So we improvised!

For Christmas last year, my parents bought us one of those portable fireplaces that you put the gel cans in. It actually generates a nice amount of heat. I love this feature for our living room. It was really boring and bare and this gives it a sort of sophistication and style.

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the current decor before it changes for the fall. I'm one of those people that like to change it up seasonally.

I believe this fireplace was purchased from 

Real Flame

 outlet store in Wisconsin.

Now we just need to put some hardwood flooring in and paint the trim white and I'll really get the design style I'm looking for! These are all plans down the line....

"Change your thoughts and you will change the world" is what is printed on the butterfly plaque.

I really love this camera and it expresses one of my true passions. The shiny silver goes along with the design and color palette and matches the frame of the mirror and the mercury glass hurricane vase.

Dollar store finds!!! The Marble vase and the angel statue were only a buck!

My little photo bomber!

Items featured above

White candle holder and Mercury Hurricane vases are from Kirkland

Alice in Wonderland Teapots from Tren-D in Downtown Disney

Camera from Ross

Butterfly plaque from Home goods store

Marble vase from Dollar Tree

Angel from Dollar Tree

Mirror from Home goods store

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Magical Mondays: Alice in Wonderland Teapot

Hello Friends! 

I've been lagging on the Magical Mondays series so far. Fail on my part! I'm really excited to pick this back up and start sharing with you because our Disney Vacation is coming up in 5 weeks!! 

Join me next Monday for a Magical Mondays Link Up!

Next week, I plan to include a link up with Magical Mondays so I hope you all join along and share your favorite Disney posts, past or something new!

For this week I'm sharing with you one of my prized possession! My Alice in Wonderland teapots!  Aren't they so great!! One of my favorite Disney movies is Alice in Wonderland and when I found these at one of the shops in Downtown Disney I just couldn't pass them up! Sorry for all the exclamation points here but I truly am excited about them:)

These pieces are just a small bit of what I like to think as my eclectic style. 

I hope you join me next weeks Magical Mondays for my first blog link up !!

3 Wittle Birds

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