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Outdoor kids photography Ideas

There is something therapeutic about a camera and nature. You can sit there for hours trying to capture the right picture, taking hundreds of shots. Then like magic, you find that perfect, simple setting and the pictures just start to role. 

Sometimes it can seem impossible to take a decent focused picture of my little munchkins. It ease up this challenge, my kids do better in a more natural setting. We took our time on this photo shot because I really wanted the natural wonder and expression to shin through, rather than a forced smile and pose. A simple setting with less distraction works best. Let them get the wiggles out beforehand so they are more focused.

1. A fun tree to bring out the adventure in their eyes.

2. Sitting beside a flowing stream while skipping rocks. 

3. An enchanting path of greener

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Posted on June 11, 2014 and filed under Family, Photography.

DAD Portrait: Father's Day 2012

This year for Father's day I wanted to create something special. I went to Michael's and bought these wooden letters D and A... Then I thought get a P and you can do papa too. I took portraits of my little ones with the letters and here is what happened...

I took the picture and turned it black and white with Photoshop. I had to increase the brightness and contrast so it didn't look too dark.
I did this with each letter D, A, D.
The finished product for Dad.... 

Sorry for the picture quality... taken with a phone camera:(
I also did one for my pop. I used the letters PAPA... That's what my daughter calls him:)
I put the pictures on publisher and arranged them so I could print out one big 8x10.