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Minnie Mouse Digital Invites

When you don't have the time to create handmade invites (or money) creating your own digital invites can be a great solution. Here are a few Minnie Mouse invites I have created in the past! There are some great websites to download your own fonts. I found the 


 font for free!! You can also find some backgrounds and graphics. Some are free and some you may have to purchase but it's worth it when you think of how much time and money you would normally spend.

Tips to start you off designing your own invite

  • First you want to select the appropriate size of your document (I recommend a 5 x 7 or 4 x 6)
  • Pick a back round that compliments your theme... colors, shapes, patterns, graphic.
  • Look for graphics or create your own.
  • Search and pick a font that you like best.
  • Consider adding in a picture.. make sure it's a good one!

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Minnie Mouse Cakes

I manged to make my very first successful cake with fondant!!!! Besides baking the cake layers the night before, the decorating only took 4 hours!

I saw a beautiful picture of Minnie mouse cupcake and I just had to recreate my own!! These turned out so pretty

I will post more pictures with the rainbow layers of the cake!!

Handmade Minnie Mouse Bow

I'm am so excited! My friend


, makes these incredible hair bows for little girls!!!

She made my little Bella one for her birthday party! Take a look...

Look at how clever this bow is. Its a two in one!

She does an amazing job at designing new styles and will even do custom work! The one here was a custom bow! Her prices are crazy reasonable!!

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Posted on March 2, 2012 and filed under Disney.

My little Minnie

This is my favorite time of year with all the holiday's back to back, starting with Halloween and finishing with New Year's.

I missed Halloween this year. I missed pumpkin farms, pumpkin carving, trick or treating and all the cute costume ideas. There was even a few projects I wanted to accomplish that never got started. I was really looking forward to it this year, but I am still in the hospital. No signs of labor. We (the baby and I ) are still on bed rest. I made it to 31 weeks! My water broke three weeks ago.

I just hope I am out of here by Thanksgiving.
Here is what I missed.....
Bella's First Hair Cut


Isn't she cute!

Posted on November 1, 2011 .

Minnie Mouse Costume!

Halloween is coming up and I like to start thinking about things early... even thought they don't get done until the last minute. I'm a big planner but not executer. I love seeing homemade costumes, this is the heart of what dressing up is about.

My daughter loves Minnie Mouse, how could she not? We are such a Disney family!
I thought it would be cute to make a Minnie Mouse inspired petti skirt! Yeah, great idea, but seeing as how I have never attempted to make a petti skirt before, I thought I might be biting off more then I could chew.

So last weekend we caved and took a trip to the disney store!!!!

I fell in LOVE with these shoes and Bella did too!! She is a shoe diva! However, the minnie costume we chose was pink and these wouldn't match. That's not to say that she won't get them later.
Classic Minnie Mouse Shoes for Girls
So instead we fell in love with these!!
Ballet Flat Minnie Mouse Shoes for Girls
Minnie Mouse Costume for Baby and Toddler Girls
We got this costume with the matching Minnie Ears!
She was very excited to put on her costume when we got home!!!
She threw a fit when I made her take it off.

Maybe I will get around to making the minnie pettie skirt someday.
Posted on September 3, 2011 .