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Too Opinionated

I am a habitual reader of yahoo news updates. I like to check it daily. Its got a pretty good mixture of different types of articles.
Anyways... so I read the articles and what really intrigues me is to see people comment on them. What I've been most surprised at and almost disgusted by, is peoples harsh words and opinions. I read a simple article about parenting tips. I though it was some good knowledge and maybe a different approach for a parent that might be looking for other options. The responses were so outrageous. Parents actually talking about how they beat there children and that's how they know to listen. Some of the insensitivity of the people who are not even parents themselves.

I haven't been a parent very long( two years), but what I have learned is that there is no one "right way" and that being judgemental of other parents, especially when you are not one, is the most closed minded thing you can be. Ever child is different, with different needs and temperaments. There is a million ways to be a parent and they don't work with ever family.

I've really got to stop reading peoples posts. It gets me so angry. You should try reading some for your self. Then you will know what I'm talking about!
Posted on July 20, 2011 .

Egg scare

I was in line one day at the gas station waiting to purchase a lottery ticket when I heard this guy on the radio. I was baffled by his statement when he said "This whole egg recall is just another attack from Alkita! All of the food contamination in the past years, tomatoes, spinach... are a result of terrorism!" This announcer was so loud and bold with his statements that to another person could actually frighten and scare them. He was so passionate about what he was saying that I could understand how someone could believe him. It's people like this that plant that worry seed in us about terrorism. Honestly if Alkita or whoever wanted to poison us I believe they would do it on a much greater scale then contaminating with salmonella. I'm sure there are much more deadly chemicals out there. Don't get me wrong I know Alkita is a threat out there.

Maybe it could be the mass production of food these days and the companies that they are coming from... Hmmm you think. The way food is produced and regulated these days is so sad. I get there is demand for food but do you really need to soak our chickens in an ammonia bath just to get ride of any diseases it occurred while being raised in its own feces on top of other chickens... Just a thought.

I guess this radio announcer is not familiar with the documentary Food Inc. Yes, I am the geek that loves to watch documentaries and this particular one I think everyone should watch, if you haven't already. It shines a light on where our "food" (I say food, if you can even call it that after what it goes through to be put in our grocery) comes from. Feeding animals what their bodies are not meant for just to save a couple of bucks.. and them putting permanent holes in their stomach to dig out the crap... by the way that crap is e coli...

Anyways you all need to see this if you haven't already! And to the radio announcer... Stop scaring people with your extreme off the wall ideas!

Posted on August 26, 2010 .