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Tissue Tassel Garland

My daughter's 6th birthday party was this past weekend and I'm excited to start sharing some of the deets with you. The first detail I wanted to share in a post all its own was the tissue tassel garland!

I've been dying to make one of these and the color scheme just seemed to fit so well. This is also something perfect for spring, Easter, or an "

April Showers

" baby shower theme! I love the pastel rainbow colors!.

Materials used

tissue paper in assorted colors

crafting thread


hot glue gun

Step One:

Fold your tissue paper in half twice.

Step Two:

Along the second fold cut tissue paper in half. Put one half aside. Fold the other piece of tissue in half length wise aka hot dog.

Step three:

Fold over a 1 inch flap. This is to help guide you when cutting so you don't cut too much.

Step Four:

Cut length wise starting at the folded corner. Cut about a 1/4 - 1/2 inch apart. Do not cut into the folded area.

Step Five:

Open up the folded tissue and cut on the folded edge from top to bottom to form two separate pieces of tissue.

Step Six:

Set one piece aside and unfold the other piece of tissue.

Step Seven:

Roll the tissue paper.

Step Eight:

GENTLY twist the tissue starting at the center and twisting an inch in each direction.

Step Nine:

Make a small loop and begin twisting the already rolled tissue paper together adding a dab of hot glue as you go. Add a dab of hot glue at the start of the loop, at the end, and throughout the twisting to ensure a secure set.

Step Ten:

complete the process with as many tissue tassels as you like. Once you have assembled the amount you desire, fluff them down so none of the tassels are curled up. String them on the crafting thread and hang in a fun place!

This is such an inexpensive and easy craft to add some fun and festive color to your season or occasion. I love the versatility with the colors and you can save the tassels and stitch it throughout the year.

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Tangled Party Cupcake Tower

Last week, I posted my daughters 5th Tangled birthday party! I have gotten several emails on the cupcake tower and thought I would explain in more detail how I created this feature.

Materials used....

Bird house from Michael's

Pringles Can

Serving Platter

Acrylic paint

I first decorated the bird house to resemble tower from the movie. I used purple and blue paints for the roof. I used tan and brown for the sides of the tower. I created the vines effect and flowers. This adds a little dimension to the house that was missing before.

I used a Pringles can for the tower. First, I coated with a base in medium gray. Then I took a thick brush and filled in the bricks with both darker and lighter tones of gray.

To assemble, I flipped the can over and used a hot glue gun to attach the house to the bottom of the Pringles can.

Then I placed the open end of the can over the serving platter handle.

You're done!! 

You can add a braid,

which is absolutely adorable,

to hang out of the peep hole in the bird house, like I did above. I just used yellow yarn. This is a great way to add a personalized touch to a party with out spending a whole lot of money.

 Cost Break down:

  • Birdhouse: $4.99 @ Michael's
  • Ikea serving platter: $14.99
  • Pingles can: $1
  • Acrylic Paint: $1/color = $8

Total cost was  $29.00

The best part, you get to use the serving platter for future parties!

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