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Sneek Peak: Tangled Party Invitation

Here is a preview of some exciting Tangled Birthday Party goodness!!! I created these invites myself with the Rapunzel graphic I purchased here. It's so easy to create your own digi invites!

You can also purchase backgrounds, frames and fonts to make your invitations unique and custom!

If you don't have the fancy Adobe Illustrator or any CS6, you can simply use Microsoft Publisher, which should be included in a Microsoft Office package you probably purchased with your computer.

I am thinking about writing a post for a step by step on how to create your own digital invites. Is this something you all would be interested? Email me if you have any questions on this!

Party Planning 101: Invitations

The very first impression you are giving your guest of your upcoming event is the invitation. I don't think people realize this, maybe the fine details of entertaining don't really matter much to you. Either way, an invitation of some kind is always extended.

So... Why send out an invitation?

Are one of the most important parts of entertaining. Whether it's the guest of honor or the attendees, you want them to be excited and feel special.

Before you send out the invite....
Make sure you have an idea of the type of party you want and a general theme. I know, some people hate themes but it not only adds some cohesiveness to the part, it prevents the who shindig from being a big confetti mess.

  • Mail invites
    • Printed digital
    • Handmade
    • fill in the blanks
  • Email: This is very informal.
  • Evite: Convenient to keep track of R.S.V.P's but I've seen many missed and taken for spam. Some don't even get delivered to the inbox.
  • Facebook invite: These one's are hard because not everyone has or checks their Facebook account.

Birthday Budget Challenge!!!

Early Birthday planning as usual... this one is for my most recent child's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am so excited to have another child to plan parties for.. I have been drumming my head about the theme for some time.... and bam it hit me ELMO!! The only character to make her burst out giggling just from a balloon.

So with the exciting events from this summer.. wedding, parties...ect and the upcoming vacations to Arizona in November and Walt Disney World in January, I need to set a budget and find some alternate methods of creating a stylish party.  

The Budget: $100.00!!!!! Wow this might be tough!

Of course, turning to my trusty Pinterest, I was able to search for some budget friendly was of incorporating some decoration into the plans. I shall take these into consideration.....

Check this one out here
elmo party decorations crayons - use this for tag display! cute!
A tissue pom birthday sign found by
The creator of tissue poms Martha Stewart!
or try something like this....
Found this at I like big bows.
and lastley, my favorate
Found this cute idea at

I will have to keep brainstorming to see how this party will turn out, but a great start to the cloud!