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Pretend Play Italian Menu: Lady and the Tramp (free)

I got such positive feed back on the

Hawaiian play menu

I created last week that I thought it would be fun to continue on with the theme and do something Italian!

When I think of Italian and Disney movies, I picture Lady And The Tramp.

Please enjoy this free printable play menu for your pretend play activities.

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Hawaiian Pretend Cafe Printable Play Menu

My girls love to play pretend. They have an amazing assortment of kitchen accessories and love to play restaurant. They are always using random books or notepads as menu's and I though it would be fun to create a customized menu for them!

My kids have a wonderful imagination and I'm always looking for ways to encourage that! This is one of many different accessories I've created for them. You can easily print out a couple of these and have them laminated, to make if feel like the real deal:).

You can download you own printable play menu for free! Click 

Lilo's Cafe Menu


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