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Kids on a Plane - Tips to help you not lose your Sh*t!

Kids on a plane. Seems like it could be a title for a thriller movie kind of like Snakes on a Plane. Not sure which one is worse.

Traveling with kids, especially on a plane, can seem daunting but it doesn't have to be. Like with everything else you do with kids, proper preparation can cut down on the craziness.

Girl Scout Camp Weekend: Tips on Planning your Trip

Every year we try to do at least one camp weekend with our GS troop. This year, since it's one of the things the girls really love and look forward to, I hope to do one a season! The planning process from troop leadership can seem overwhelming. It's a big weekend and the more girls/adults you have attending the more work you will have to put into it. But, after all is said and done, it's totally worth it. If you haven't considered an overnight or camp with your troop I strongly encourage it! The excitement, sister scout bonding, life skills and lasting memories are just a few of the things you and your group will take away.

Devil's Lake Wisconsin Camping Trip!

Last fall, our family took a major step and decided to invest in a travel trailer. I stalked the internet for months trying to find the best deal on a used "starter" camper for our family. Our knowledge of campers, or towing anything in general, was sparse but I'm a firm believer that if you want to do something you just have to pull the trigger and learn through doing.

Character Breakfast at the Hollywood and Vine

It seems like every time we visit Disney World we have to do a character breakfast of some sort. This past trip we did 2! We usually do the Cape May character breakfast and buffet at the Beach Club Resort. This year we decided to add a second character breakfast and try out the

Hollywood and Vine Restaurant.

Hollywood and Vine Character 

Breakfast Buffet

It's located in the Hollywood Studios theme park right across from Echo Lake.

The character buffet is also offered for lunch as well, although, breakfast is cheaper at 30 per adult.

We were so excited to dine with the Characters from Disney Jr at the Hollywood Vine Restaurant located in the Hollywood Studios theme park!

I have to say, if you have kids that watch Disney Jr. they will love this character breakfast more than the others!

We decided to do an early breakfast so we could play in the park the rest of the day.

The characters included:

Sofia the First

Doc McStuffins

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Handy Manny

The Buffet:

It was very good and offered plenty of options for all tastes such as waffles, eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt bar, frittatas.... I could go on but you get the idea. There is also a ice cream sundae bar that the kids will love!

The Scene:

Its set up like a 50's diner with the plastic and sparkly couches. The dining experience also provides some musical entertainment and dancing on the part of the characters in costume. Kids can get up and dance along with their favorite characters.

Overall, I would say we enjoyed this character breakfast the most! The characters are much more familiar to the kids and the food was great!!

Have you tried the Hollywood and Vine before? Have you tried a different character breakfast at Disney World? I'm curious as to what everyone else has tried!

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Tips on planning a Disney Vacation

With much excitement about our trip to Walt Disney World in January, I thought I would put together something to help anyone planning a trip to WDW!!! Our family are expert Walt Disney World Resort vacationers (and I a former college program cast member) and over the years I have found some things helpful with my travels.

  • It's all about the time of year!!!!!! Planning your trip in a low season is key, especially if this is a once in a life time for your family. I get that summer vacation is when your kids are out of school and you don't want to have to pull them out for a vacation but..... do you really want to spend all that money (because it is expensive) to wait in a hot and muggy line for over an hour, just for a two minute ride? You might get to go on maybe 3 rides before your family has a meltdown... especially with young children!!!! With that said, from my experience as a former cast member and a annual (well almost) guest, September through October is beautiful weather and the lines are minimal. January through the beginning of February is less crowded as well and you are looking at cooler weather.
  • Think about investing in the Vacation Club! If you love to travel and want to vacation every year, not necessarily Disney either, this is a great investment. If you don't already know about this research it! Now! What are you waiting for?
  • Stay on property! While some off property hotels can offer some amazing deals, you still have to rent a car, which can add up and not save you any money. Plus, if you stay at one of the many Disney fabulous resorts, they offer transportation to all of the parks and other exciting attractions with in the Walt Disney Resort. What is great is they have so many resorts that accommodate all types of budget!
  • Skip the meal plans. If you stay in one of the WDW resorts that offers a kitchen (which I would highly recommend upgrading to) you can have a food service delivered right to your hotel!!! Saves on the costly meals in the dinning room and you will have access to your own stash 24/7. Will share more about the food delivery service on tips for your trip!
  • Disney's Magical Express!! A wonderful shuttle to and from the airport!! With Baggage delivery... you don't even need to worry about picking up your checked in luggage... it's delivered right to your room!
  • Be realistic about your budget. You say to your self  "we are only going to spend this much"... but then you get there and the kids go wild in the Disney stores and your daughter wants to be a princess at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. In then end you will always spend more and the last thing you want is to either go home broke or go home feeling like you might have missed out! Research the different attractions with in the parks and downtown Disney. Know your battle grounds before you depart your house.

Oh my gosh... I am too excited just thinking about it!!! Check back on tips for traveling with small children and what not to miss at WDW!

Explore Orlando Theme Parks for One Low Price!

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