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End of the year Surveys

Now is the time to send out the troop feedback survey. Why do I send out a survey? I like to know how I’m doing and if i’m meeting the expectations of girls in our troop. It also allows me to see if the parents expectations and goals are aligned with the troops. Every girl is unique and every troop is different. The survey allows me to see where girl’s interests might have changed and better plan for the following year.

First Scout Meeting Ideas

Welcome to the fabulous world of troop leading! I’m so excited for you! I remember back to my very first troop meeting and how nervous I was. Planning that first meeting can be a little stressful. Especially since you are just starting out and I’m sure overwhelmed with all the knowledge and ideas out there.

Global Action Award 2016 and free interview printable

Hey Troop Leaders!

We are so excited for the end of the year and summer! I have some really fun activities planned for our girls that I can't wait to share with you all. With Mother's day coming up, I really wanted to plan something special for the female role models in each girl's life so we are throwing a Tea Party!

Of course, I always like to weave in an opportunity for the girls to work on a badge and this one just seemed to fit perfectly. 

This year's theme for the Global Action Award is "Increase girls' access to education". You can find more information on this on the website ( ) along with the downloadable requirements. For the Daisy, Brownie, and Junior requirements there is an option to interview a special women in their life. That is exactly what we are going to do at this special tea party!

Download here --->>> Global Action Award Interview  <<<---

I will provide some more updates on the event and the craft we prepared at our last meeting soon! It's a really cute cupcake liner carnation corsage! For the time being, I did want to share the interview template we will be using and offer it in a free download!


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Free Girl Scout Invitations: Court of Awards Garden Party

Hey Girl Scout Leaders!!

It's that time for the end of the year Court of Awards and party! I've totally been slacking with the planning this year and we have our bridging ceremony too! That's why I had to dig into last year's planning materials to find this goodie!

Last year I posted about our Daisy Flower Journey and Included this feebie in the take action blog post but I realized it's awfully hard to find so I wanted to make sure you all had the chance to use this feebie in case you are in a hurry like myself. I love reusing things!

Here is the link to the publisher file that you can edit and print! It's double sided so make sure to check your printing options. This is a quick and easy invite to mail or handout at your next meeting!

Download Invitation file here--->>>> Court of Awards Invite <<<<---


Looking for more resources?

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Daisy Scout: Respect Myself and Others

We worked on our Gloria Petal (Respect myself and others) while completing our 3 Cheers for Animals journey. For this adventure the girls participated in a yoga class. There is a yoga studio in our area that specifically has Girl Scout programs that are tailored to this badge! It was a small flat rate for the whole thing so I totally felt like it was a steal! I highly encourage you to search around your community for similar scout programs... there are many you might not be aware of!

Making Choices Financial Literacy Leaf Badge

This past week, in preparation for our cookie season, we focused on the Making Choices leaf for our Girl Scout daisies.

We had a three station set up (small groups and station rotation works best for our large troop)

Station 1: Cookie booth pricing guides and practice with monopoly money.

Each of the girls had an opportunity to fill in the cookie pricing guide together. They used monopoly money to help them count and determine the prices. After the meeting I laminated the pricing guides for the girls to use at the cookie booths. Our cookie booths last year were very busy and it was soooo time consuming to have the daisy scouts calculate each purchase. By doing this ahead of time each girl got to practice her financial literacy and save us some time during cookie booth sales!

Once they finished their sheets they got to pretend shop and practice their money skills with the monopoly money. They loved this idea!

Here is the link to down:--->>>Download here <<<---

Station 2: Wants VS. Needs activity

The second station consisted of a wants vs. needs sorting activity. An adult volunteer first discussed the differences between the two and each girl had an opportunity to sort the pictures. After each girl had a turn my co -lead assisted in a discussion about wants and needs for our cookie goal. The girls voted to spend their cookie proceeds on wishlist items for a local animal shelter that we had recently visited for our 3 Cheers for Animals Journey. My co lead had the girls list out the items that the animal shelter might need and then think of items that might be a want for the animals. Once we have reached our cookie goal (which I know we will!), the girls can decided if they want to buy "need"ed items or "want"ed items (or both) for the animal shelter by referencing this list.

Free wants and needs pictures here--->>>Download printable here <<<---

Station 3: Cookie Booth brainstorm sesh

We started planning our cookie booth design and decorations in this station. I talked with the girls a little about marketing. It was really cute because of their age. Imagine their faces when you ask "have you every heard of the term marketing?" LOL Here is how I explained the idea....

  • 2 Different books: I used two different books to explain the impact of good marketing. One book was missing it's cover so it was completely white and the second book was decorated with illustrations and fun colors. I asked the girls if they were in a bookstore which book would they be more likely to pick up. Most of the girls picked the pink illustrated book. I asked them why they picked this one.... ex. "It's pink!" or "I like the picture!" I explained how the way the book looked impacted their decision and how this is marketing.

  • 2 Different cookie booths: Using this concept I asked if they saw two different cookie booths (one with just a table and some boxes and another with decorations and color) which booth would they buy their cookies from. They all said the fun decorated one! Rolling with that concept I talked about they way a product is presented can impact our customers decision to buy. 

  • The girls come up with some fun ideas for cookie booth decorations to get our customers excited to buy from us and increase our sales. We talked about themes and they jotted down a list of materials they would need so we can work on the decorations at the next meeting.

It was a very productive meeting filled with lots of decision making and skill building! They really did have so much fun and I could tell they really gained from our activities!

Happy Cookie Season!

How remembers this movie?

The Best Websites to Follow if You are a Troop Leader

Welcome Troop Leader Mamas!!

Because sharing is caring, today I wanted to share with you my favorite websites for my meeting planning inspiration that I think will be of great help to you! When I first started out planning the meetings I was overwhelmed with all the different resources and felt lost. I followed the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting and the Journey Leadership books, but I felt there was more needed. Some of the activities didn't fit our troop dynamic and I needed to make some changes.

This is totally okay!!

You really need to think of your troop atmosphere and what would actually work with Your girls because sometimes following the leadership manual or Girl Guide  activities doesn't engage your specific girl group. I will write a post on the importance of this later but you need to keep this in mind.

Another great resource is your council and other councils. If you search different councils you will find they offer different resources and badge planning. So, if you don't like what your council has to offer find one you do like!

Best Websites for Troop Planning....

Making Friends

This website offers free and very cute printables such as calendars and coloring pages! It's also a store where you can purchase activities for your girls or get inspiration.


Another fellow troop leader offering up their ideas and troop meeting planning and badge earning.

One Year of Daisy Scouts

Ideas of badge earning and journey in a day!

Scout Leader Connect

Troop meeting planning ideas and inspiration. I love her egg breaking idea for "Be courageous and strong"

Girl Scout Leader 101

More badge and awards planning.

In the Loop

A helpful blog from troop support itself! 


I'm sure you already know this!

Hope this helps ya'll out!!! If you have a website or blog dedicated to Girl Scouts please share with us in the comments! I would love to create a forum of resources! Have a wonderful Monday!

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Why You Should be a Girl Scouts Troop Leader

Hey everyone!!!

Today I wanted to talk about a topic of what it means to be a Girl Scout volunteer and how it's such a crucial role in these young girls lives. For those of you who are following along but are not a volunteer, this post is for you! Have you been approached about this opportunity, either through a membership specialist or previous troop leader? Are you currently debating whether this role is for you? I promise you, it is! Let me start off by telling you how it began with me....

Behind this online world, I'm actually an introverted person. I generally don't like large groups of people and new social situations make me anxious. It's not that I'm anti social, it's just how I'm made. Frankly, I'm proud of it and I'm comfortable with who I am.

The idea of being a troop leader seemed quite impossible to me but, after the membership specialist told me there was no troop at my daughter's school but recommended myself volunteering, I didn't shoot the idea down right away.

It took me a while to make the decision but I thought back to the reasons why I wanted Bella to join Girl Scouts...

  1. I really wanted her to take part in this program and gain the confidence
  2. Open her up to new experiences
  3. My daughter is a little shy (wonder where she gets it from) and I wanted her to come out of her shell a little
  4. Lasting and healthy friendships

So I decided to take on the challenge for my daughter. I wanted to show her that if I can come out of my shell and do something out of my comfort zone, then she can too. After all, we are our daughter's first example of a strong and confident women. 

I didn't realize when I made this decision how much it would not only impact my daughter but how much it would impact myself.

  1. I gained leaderships skills that I didn't even know I had.
  2. My daughter has made massive strides in character development and self-confidence.
  3. I got to make a difference in 11 other girls lives in the community!

It's only been a year but I love being a troop leader! I love setting an example and providing a wonderful opportunity to these girls. Our girls are the future of this world! If you are considering possibly being a volunteer, I encourage you to take the leap and try it out for just one year. If I can do it, anyone can do it! SERIOUSLY! 

Being a Girl Scout volunteer not only changes a girl’s life, it changes your life. Whether it’s taking them on their first adventure or leading a troop with your best friend, you’ll help girls reach for the stars. Volunteer today:

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