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Girl Scout Fortune Cookie Valentines

Valentine's Day is coming up! I love getting festive with the kids, even if it's a Hallmark holiday. It's just a great reminder to love one another... something this world could use more of. At our last troop meeting one of the girls mentioned the fortune cookie valentine and asked if we could make them. In the spirit of keeping it girl-led, I said of course!

I had to take it up a notch and make it Girl Scout themed so I created the little fortune strips that they could include in their cookie.. It has little Girl Scouts on them!!! So adorable!


  • pencil
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • craft foam (Dollar Tree had the hearts foam in a 12 pack!)
  • Printable Fortune strip

Step 1: 

Use a circle template (about 5-6 inches in diameter) and trace your pattern.


Step 2:

Cut out your circle and the fortune strip.

Step 3:

Place your strip in the center of your circle and add a dab of hot glue at the bottom of the circle (like shown in the picture below).

Step 4:

Fold over your craft foam and hold lightly until the glue is secured. 

Step 5:

Fold the half circle in half and use a dab of hot glue to secure.

Aren't these the cutest things you ever seen?

You can download a copy of the fortune sheets (Daisy, Brownie, Juniors) below!

Daisy Fortune Sheet

Brownie Fortune Sheet

Junior Fortune Sheet

Stay in touch!

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Valentine Canvas Paintings

Who loves a girl's craft night? I do, I do!!! A couple weeks ago I indulged in a much needed crafting girl's night. I love doing crafts and it's much more fun when you are with someone. My friend


joined me in the fun! We went the Valentines decoration route for this craft evening.

Originally, I had much smaller canvases purchased for this project but my little girls were jealous and I didn't want them to feel left out.... or whining the whole evening. I already had these larger canvases stored in the closet, so I gave the girls the smaller ones and I opted for the larger.

These were both done with a free hand. Okay, maybe those diamonds were traced from a cut out but the chevron and heart were definitely free hand.  If you can notice the heart shape is slightly off and not centered... I'm my own critic.

Materials used:

Acrylic paint (Black, metallic gold and pink)


Gold glitter

Rose pink glitter (this glitter was awesome)

Mod Podge



and the heart are coated in glitter. I first painted the lettering and the heart. Once it was dry, I went over it with the Mod Podge and sprinkled the glitter all over. It was messy! I softly jiggled the canvas around to make sure the glitter covered all the area and emptied out the excess glitter onto a piece of paper.

I really liked the way theses pieces looked on the fireplace mantel. I do think the smaller canvases would have worked a little better but it was worth it when the little ones were so excited to be participating in the crafts. Happy Valentines Day!

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Valentines: Date Night Bucket List!

A friend of mine from work had mentioned how her hubby took it upon himself to do the sweetest thing ever! He created her a bucket list of dates.

When I told my hubby about the idea, he was equally excited as I was. Together we created a list of 48 exciting dates to liven up our marriage and put the spark back into date night!

I decided to take it a step further and surprise him on V-Day... Shhhh I pasted the bucket list on the inside of a smash book I created. This way we can check them off one by one and have the memories all in one place! I hope you all have a very fun filled Valentine's Day!!

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